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It is currently not possible to apply for a Liisi credit card.

We apologise for any inconvenience. At the same time, we are pleased to announce that we are planning to introduce new credit cards with improved uses in the near future to offer our customers more secure payment solutions.

If you have any questions, please write to or call +372 677 0760

You can use the Liisi credit card to pay for both everyday purchases as well as for larger expenses, both in regular stores and in e-shops. You can repay in one instalment or divide the instalments over a longer period of time and you can also pay on the basis of invoices.

Liisi’s credit card does not incur any additional costs, because there is no monthly or maintenance fee for the card. If necessary, you can apply for a grace period.

Estonian people have been using and trusting Liisi’s products for already 25 years. We thank you for this trust and wish you all the best!

Consider your decision thoroughly and read the terms of the contract. If you have any questions or would like to consult us, please contact us.

If you already have a Liisi credit card, you can check your available limit here:

As the cardholder, you can find out your available limit in just a few minutes before making a purchase!
To do this, you can make a limit request here or log in to Liisi the self-service with your ID-card, Mobile-ID, or Smart-ID. You can also view the transactions made with the Liisi card in the self-service.

* In case of loss or theft of the card, you can close your card 24/7 by contacting us immediately by phone at 677 0760.

* Due to the emergency situation, the delivery time of the card may vary.

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The financial service provider is Holm Bank AS. Read the terms of the contract and consult an expert. The annual percentage rate is 23.7% under the following sample conditions: credit limit €2,000, variable interest 23.52% per year, amount to be repaid €2,451. The rate is calculated based on the assumption that the credit limit will be fully used immediately and repaid in 12 equal monthly instalments over a period of one year.