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Holm Bank offers virtual and physical credit cards. You can choose between the Holm virtual card and the Liisi credit card. When you order a Liisi credit card, it will be sent to your home free of charge. Virtual cards are immediately ready for use. Both are international VISA credit cards which can be used to book hotels, buy plane tickets, rent a car and pay for everyday shopping as well as for larger expenses in regular or online shops. No interest is applied for the first 15 days after making a purchase, and repayments can either be made in a single instalment or scheduled for a longer period should you wish. Secure Internet payments can be switched on in our self-service environment. The same rule applies to both cards – no fees, such as monthly or maintenance fees, apply if you do not use the card. Both cards can be added in mTasku or Google Pay and the card will be always with you on your smartphone. It is now possible to apply for a virtual credit card in the app.

Weigh everything up and review the terms and conditions of the contract before making your decision. If you have any questions or need advice, get in touch with us.

* In the event of the loss or theft of your card, you can block your card on the self-service site or by calling us immediately on 677 0760

* Adult citizens of the Republic of Estonia or people with a long-term residence permit.

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Changes in the terms of the payment card agreement of Holm Bank AS will come into effect on 01.12.2021. Changes in the terms of the payment card agreement for existing customers will come into effect on 14.03.2022. You can read the new payment card terms and conditions at here. Changes in the terms of the payment card agreement are first and foremost related to the adoption of virtual payment cards.

The financial services provider is Holm Bank AS. The issuer of the card is Wallester AS. Read the terms of the contract and consult an expert. The annual percentage rate is 29.83% under the following sample conditions: credit limit €2000, fixed interest rate 24% per annum, total repayments €2503.41. This rate is calculated on the assumption that the credit limit is immediately used in full and repaid in equal monthly instalments over a period of one year with the total amount repaid being €2503.41.

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