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Liisi hire purchase has been a loved and trusted option of payment among Estonians for 25 years, enabling customers to pay in instalments over a longer period of time. Add your store and/or e-shop to Holm’s extensive network of partners and offer customers the option to pay with Liisi hire purchase.

What services do we offer to our cooperation partners?

Become a cooperation partner

Become Holm’s cooperation partner

Benefits of Liisi hire purchase

Easy administration

Quick decisions

Convenient to use

Flexible terms

For customers of all banks

Extensive network of stores all over Estonia

Available in both regular and online stores

Can be used for paying for goods and services

No service fee

We deal with debtors ourselves

Why choose Holm Bank?

More than 25 years of experience

Extensive experience thanks to 350,000 people who have trusted us

Why choose Holm Bank?

Holm is an Estonian bank

A bank based entirely on Estonian capital

Why choose Holm Bank?

People are helpful and caring

We want to support with expert advice and suitable solutions

Why choose Holm Bank?

We are partner with over 2,000 stores and e-shops

We offer hire purchase in Estonia in both regular and online stores

Why choose Holm Bank?

Online services

The services are accessible online contactlessly, customer support can be contacted via email and telephone

Why choose Holm Bank?

We are constantly expanding our product portfolio

We develop Holm products with people’s needs in mind

Why choose Holm Bank?


We follow the principles of responsible lending

Why choose Holm Bank?

Services for both private clients and companies

We offer both credit products and fixed-term deposits

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