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10% cashbach on all credit card purchases at Rahva Raamat in September!


Holm bank credit card:

  • 15 days interest-free
  • No monthly or management fees
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Watch out for criminal scam calls!
Criminals may present themselves as a service provider or the police and by claiming to solve a problematic issue, ask you to reveal or enter your ID code and/or PIN codes of your identification device (Mobile-ID, Smart-ID, etc.). By revealing your codes, you give criminals the opportunity to make harmful transactions for you.
Remember - entering PIN 2 is equivalent to signing the contract!

The story of Holm Bank

Holm is an Estonian-owned bank committed to financing the investment plans of both private and business clients.

Our focus is on a personalised approach to clients, flexible conditions, and smart use of time. We aim to combine high-tech mobile banking solutions with highly valued human support.

Among our services are term deposits, physical and virtual credit cards, financing of private and business clients, and instalment plans – all available on the go and managed digitally.

Give all your financing decisions the consideration they deserve!

Holm – planning for tomorrow.

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Planning for tomorrow


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