Cashback campaign

In April 10% cashback on all purchases made with Holm credit cards in Stockmann!


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Cashback campaign

<p><strong>In April 10% cashback on all purchases made with Holm credit cards in Stockmann!</strong></p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

Renovation loan

<p><b>Campaign! Renovation loan with €0 contractual fee in April</b></p>

Home loan

<p><strong>Campaign!<b> Home loan with €0 contractual fee in April</b></strong></p>

Apple Pay is here!

<p>Connect your Holm bank card with Apple Pay for convenient payments</p>

Watch out for criminal scam calls!
Criminals may present themselves as a service provider or the police and by claiming to solve a problematic issue, ask you to reveal or enter your ID code and/or PIN codes of your identification device (Mobile-ID, Smart-ID, etc.). By revealing your codes, you give criminals the opportunity to make harmful transactions for you.
Remember - entering PIN 2 is equivalent to signing the contract!

The story of Holm Bank

Holm is Estonia's own bank. Our goal is to help individuals and companies implement good plans. Being close to our customers helps us understand the needs of the Estonian people and develop services that suit them.

We offer attractive deposit interest rates and personalised loan terms. Our services can be used through modern, high-quality and convenient web solutions and in the app.

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Why choose Holm Bank?

More than 25 years of experience

Extensive experience thanks to 350,000 people who have trusted us

Why choose Holm Bank?

Holm is an Estonian bank

A bank based entirely on Estonian capital

Why choose Holm Bank?

People are helpful and caring

We want to support with expert advice and suitable solutions

Why choose Holm Bank?

We are partner with over 2,000 stores and e-shops

We offer hire purchase in Estonia in both regular and online stores

Why choose Holm Bank?

Online services

The services are accessible online contactlessly, customer support can be contacted via email and telephone

Why choose Holm Bank?

We are constantly expanding our product portfolio

We develop Holm products with people’s needs in mind

Why choose Holm Bank?


We follow the principles of responsible lending

Why choose Holm Bank?

Services for both private clients and companies

We offer both credit products and fixed-term deposits


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