Leasing for companies

Holm leasing allows companies to renew equipment and machinery.

Interest rate

from 5.85% + Euribor

Lease amount and contract period

from €10,000 up to 7 years

Suitable both for

new and used property purchases

Type of leasing

Capital and operational lease
Leasing for companies

Why choose Holm?

Our leasing helps your business grow. We finance the purchase of vehicles, construction, forestry, agricultural and other equipment, commercial vehicles, industrial and other machinery needed for business activities. We offer both capital and operational lease. The bank will support you with a dedicated customer manager who will advise you on the necessary procedures.

You are welcome to book a consultation. If you have any questions or need advice, contact us by sending an e-mail to liising@holmbank.ee or calling 675 5055.

Why choose Holm?
starting from €10,000
Down payment
starting from €0
Lease term
up to 7-years
Repayment schedule
seasonal payments available according to the company's business needs
Additional collateral
guarantee from the company owner and/or management board member and/or another company if needed
Interest rate
individual interest rate
Leasing fee
1% of the purchase price, minimum of €150
Age of the asset at the end of the lease term
depends on the asset

Frequently asked questions

At Holm Bank, leasing can be applied for by legal entities registered in Estonia that have been operating for at least 12 months, public legal entities, as well as sole proprietors.
Holm leasing can be used to support, grow and expand a company's business by financing the necessary equipment, machinery, technology or vehicles.
Choose the assets you wish to purchase and submit a leasing application. Holm Bank makes an offer on the basis of which a contract can be concluded.
Documents required for applying for leasing at Holm Bank include:
Sales offer of the asset being acquired;
Financial statements of the company, including the balance sheet and income statement for the last completed financial year and the balance sheet and income statement for the last full quarter of the current financial year (if the report has not been submitted to the registry);
Information on the company's operations and the intended use of the acquired asset (does not need to be in document form);
If a personal guarantee from the company's owner or board member is provided as additional collateral, a completed and signed guarantee application may be required;
Appraisal report if the asset being acquired is used and the seller is not a company that deals with the sale of the specific asset.
Holm Bank may request additional documents and information for making a decision.
Banks have the right and obligation to identify the origin of the funds or other assets used by the client in transactions, including obtaining from the client documents and/or information about the counterparty or other person related to the transaction, in order to prevent money laundering and terrorism financing.
Suitable collateral for Holm includes a guarantee from KredEx (now known as Enterprise Estonia Foundation, EIS) or Rural Development Foundation (MES), a guarantee from a member of the company's management board or owner, a guarantee from a legal entity closely related to the company, or a mortgage on the company's property or a property belonging to a closely related person.
Banks are obligated to collect information about the beneficial owner for the purposes of anti-money laundering and tax information exchange law compliance.

Additional information

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