Holm leasing is suitable for both new and used vehicles, whether it's a motorcycle, ATV, car, minibus, motorboat, sailboat, or even a helicopter.

To apply, send an e-mail to liising@holmbank.ee

We provide you with a dedicated customer success manager who will advise you on the procedures and necessary documents. We act quickly and flexibly - our goal is to arrange the leasing transaction smoothly.

For more information, please call 6755055.

starting from €10,000
Down payment
starting from €0
Lease period
up to 7 years
Additional collateral
if necessary, personal guarantee
Interest rate
Interest from 5.85% + EURIBOR
Leasing fee
1% of the purchase price of the asset, min €150
Early termination of the lease
free (interest for the period used)

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More than 25 years of experience

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Holm is an Estonian bank

A bank based entirely on Estonian capital

Why choose Holm Bank?

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Why choose Holm Bank?

We are partner with over 2,000 stores and e-shops

We offer hire purchase in Estonia in both regular and online stores

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The services are accessible online contactlessly, customer support can be contacted via email and telephone

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We are constantly expanding our product portfolio

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We follow the principles of responsible lending

Why choose Holm Bank?

Services for both private clients and companies

We offer both credit products and fixed-term deposits

Frequently asked questions

All citizens of the Republic of Estonia and individuals who hold a residence permit in Estonia (with the end date of the leasing period being within the validity period of the residence permit) aged 20-65 (by the end of the leasing period) can apply for leasing from Holm Bank. Regular income deposited into a bank account is required that is sufficient to cover existing and future obligations and other living expenses. There should be no outstanding debts.
Private leasing is primarily intended for financing the purchase of vehicles (passenger cars, motorcycles, ATVs, watercraft, etc.).
Choose a suitable vehicle and submit a leasing application. Holm Bank will make you an offer based on which you can enter into a contract.
To apply, send an e-mail to liising@holmbank.ee with the following information:
• a completed and digitally signed leasing application form
• certified bank statements for the last 6 months
• an offer for the vehicle you wish to purchase
• an appraisal report if the vehicle is used and the seller is not a company engaged in the sale of vehicles.
Holm may request additional documents and information to make a decision.
Banks have the right and obligation to determine the origin of funds or other assets used by the client in transactions, including obtaining documents and/or information about the counterparty or other person related to the transaction from the client, in order to prevent money laundering and the financing of terrorism.
In case of possible payment difficulties, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can help you find the best solution. We may be able to provide a payment holiday for the main payments or extend the contract term. In any case, it is advisable to work with the bank to find a solution.

The financial services provider is Holm Bank AS. Before entering into a contract, review the terms and conditions and, if necessary, consult a specialist. The interest rate on the loan is 9.88%, based on the following sample conditions: asset price €30,000, down payment 10%, contract period 60 months, non-fixed interest rate 5.85% per annum + 6 months Euribor (as at 17.03.2023, the 6-month Euribor was 3.055%; the Euribor fixed in the contract may change every 6 months and in the event of a negative value of the Euribor, it is considered equal to zero), the contract fee is €270, the number of repayments is 61, the amount of repayments is €36,660.80, the total amount of credit is €36,930.80. The rate is calculated on the assumption that the principal and interest are repaid in monthly annuity payments. The vehicle shall have comprehensive insurance and third-party liability insurance cover throughout the lease period. The calculations do not consider costs of insuring, possible property registration costs, state fees, and the price of the valuation report.

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