Refinancing loan

The refinancing loan allows you to bring your current loans and instalments over to Holm Bank and merge them into one contract, with one monthly payment.

Loan amount

up to €25,000

Interest rate

from 5.99%

Contractual fee

from €30

Management fee

0 €

For entire loan duration

fixed monthly payment

Contract length

6-120 months
Refinancing loan

1+1+1=1 Indeed, mathematics can be like that too! You can combine your different loans and hire purchase into one Holm bank refinancing loan - one loan and one monthly payment. There is no more worry that you will forget the payment of some loan, because you only need to remember one payment. Holm bank's refinancing loan is not affected by the change in Euribor, the monthly payment remains the same for the entire contract period. You pay only one monthly payment instead of several different ones. This allows a better overview of your finances, which in turn reduces the risk of forgetting a payment.

Consider your decision thoroughly and review the terms and conditions of the contract before making your decision. If you have any questions or need advice, get in touch with us.

Refinancing loan example

If you have two loans with an outstanding balance of €10,141 at an interest rate of 13.9%, and two hire purchases with a total outstanding balance of €1,392, both at an interest rate of 18.9%. In total, you have four different contracts and four separate payments to various financial services providers.

By bringing these liabilities to Holm Bank and merging them into one refinancing loan at a fixed interest rate of 8.99% with a suitable payment schedule, you can pay only one monthly payment in an amount that suits you.
In this example, in case of a 6-year contract, you'll pay only one monthly payment in the sum of €246.03, which is €148.03 lower than your previous payments.

Refinancing loan example

In order to fulfil the due diligence obligation set for us as a bank, we ask you to identify yourself by video in the Veriff OÜ environment if the total amount of your loans is €15,000 or more. If you are not a citizen of the Republic of Estonia, we might also ask you to identify yourself. A device with an Internet connection and a working camera is required for verification. Have your ID ready and follow the step-by-step instructions on screen. We will send you an email with a personal link to verify your identity.

Frequently asked questions

You can refinance instalments, leases and loans from different service providers.
Holm does not offer the possibility of refinancing a financial obligation with a current debt due to late repayments. In order to refinance such a financial obligation, the debt must be paid first.
However, if you have been making your loan payments on schedule and would like to extend the term of your existing loan to reduce the monthly payment amount, refinancing is a suitable option.
Yes, it is also possible to apply for an additional loan amount during the refinancing process. To do this, include in the loan amount you are applying for the additional loan amount besides the total amount of the existing obligations to be refinanced.
Refinancing loans are available to all citizens of the Republic of Estonia aged 18 and over or holders of a permanent residence permit in Estonia who have no current debts.
Apply for a refinancing loan via our online self-service. Enter the necessary details and mention all your financial obligations in the application, even those that you do not wish to refinance. Your financial obligations in Holm Bank are already pre-filled and do not need to be added separately.
You can then indicate those obligations that you wish to refinance. If the refinancing option is not shown on the screen, the corresponding obligation cannot be refinanced.
If you have any questions or need help with your application, please get in touch with us.
The interest rate is offered on an individual basis, taking into account the loan amount, the applicant’s income and financial obligations, as well as the information provided in the application and collected by the bank.
Holm refinancing loan repayments are made on the basis of a payment schedule, which you can find in the annex to the contract. No separate monthly bill is issued by Holm. You can also check the payment schedule in our online self-service.
Make sure that your payment reaches us by the due date, and bear in mind that there may be delays in payments between banks, for example during weekends and public holidays. To ensure that you do forget your monthly payments, you can set up a standing order via your online bank.

The financial services provider is Holm Bank AS. Review the terms and conditions of the contract and consult an expert. The annual percentage rate of charge is 15.89% on the following sample conditions – loan amount: €3 600; contractual fee: €36; repayment period: 44 months; fixed interest rate: 7.78% of loan amount per annum; total amount payable: €4 652.73; net repayments: €4 616.73 ; number of repayments: 44.

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