Home Insurance

Once you have bought a home, it is a good idea to insure it against unpleasant surprises. It is important to us that we can offer you peace of mind and security, and in partnership with If Kindlustus we offer home insurance to protect your house, apartment, summer home, and other property. You may also need home insurance to insure the property that is collateral for a loan.

Home insurance plus home loan

Protection against the unexpected

Insured loan collateral

Guaranteed peace of mind

Home Insurance

Stages of getting an insurance policy:


Home insurance coverage options

Insurance coverageStandardClassicAll risk
Hail and wind
Leakage from pipes
Burglary, robbery
New door locks without deductible
Window glass breakage, seeing glasses and rental costs of temporary housing without deductible
Engineering utilities
Dwelling use interruption
Unexpected damages/destruction that is not excluded
Property at home is compensated according to the principle “new replaces the old”
Cover for property you carry with you and bank card
Water entrance into building
We compensate damages caused by construction faults
Home assistance 24/7
Liability insuranceOptionalOptionalOptional
Loss of rental incomeOptionalOptionalOptional

We also accept contracts with other insurance companies represented in Estonia. If you prefer another insurance company, contact them and send us the concluded policy.

Frequently asked questions

With home insurance, you can protect your house, apartment, summer home, terraced house, property under construction, rental apartment or house. In addition, you can insure a shed, outbuilding, sauna or cottage.         
The deductible depends on the package you choose and it is possible to choose a no-deductible package, but in most cases the deductible is 300 euros.
The If 24/7 Koduabi service is included in the home insurance all-risk packages. It will help when dealing with emergencies at home.
Yes, it is possible to buy additional types of coverage that are listed at the end of the description of each package.           
Please e-mail it to laenuhaldur@holmbank.ee  
Yes, the insurance contract can be terminated in the cases stipulated in the legislation and in the insurance contract. To do this, contact If Kindlustus directly by e-mail or through their self-service website.

The insurance provider is If P&C Insurance AS. Read out insurance conditions at www.if.ee and ask for more information at 777 1211.

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