Published 21.06.2023

Holm Park is ready!

Holm Park is ready!

On the 10th of June 2023, a grand opening ceremony took place at Holm Park, situated across from the Estonian National Museum, ERM in Tartu. This impressive sports park boasts a full-sized football pitch with an artificial turf surface, a spacious grandstand building capable of accommodating up to 600 spectators, and a street basketball court. Holm Park has been meticulously designed to cater to the needs of adult athletes, as well as young individuals and their supportive parents, offering tailored facilities and amenities. There is ample space for everyone to enjoy!

The grand opening event on June 10th drew an impressive crowd of approximately 700 attendees. The finalisation of Holm Park marks a significant milestone for all parties involved, representing a substantial investment of over a million euros. Holm Bank, the city of Tartu, numerous partners, and the Welco community have all made vital contributions to realize this vision. Mart Raamat and Edgar Leht, the passionate leaders of this newest sports park, expressed heartfelt gratitude to all supporters, regardless of their scale, who played a part in making Holm Park a reality.

"Holm Park will serve as our community's very own home and a gathering place for all individuals associated with Welco. It is crucial for a reputable football club to have a dedicated home and a solid foundation, which is precisely what Holm Park offers us. However, it is not solely a stadium intended for Welco; its doors are open to all enthusiasts, young and old, during non-match days and training sessions," explained Edgar Leht, CEO of Welco.

Mart Raamat, the project manager of Holm Park, added that the generous support from Holm Bank has been a strong cornerstone, providing a sense of security throughout the challenging project. "Holm Bank has been a longstanding supporter of JK Welco, and the collaboration and mutual understanding have been exceptional. This gave us the courage to propose the idea to the bank in late 2019 that our long-awaited sports park should bear their name. The bank embraced the idea, instilling confidence in the project's success. We are immensely grateful for Holm Bank's belief in us, their support, and their unwavering presence throughout this journey. Our new home proudly bears the name Holm Park," Raamat explained.

Kaspar Kalvet, the Chairman of Holm Bank, expressed the bank's delight in supporting community initiatives. "Holm Bank is a proponent of good plans. We strive to implement good plans ourselves and assist others in doing the same. As an Estonian bank rooted in the small town of Haapsalu, we understand the significance of companies lending a hand and contributing to positive developments within the local community. It is important to us that young people have a place to go, spend time, be active, and engage in sports. When a young person finds the right hobby, it becomes a significant and integral part of their life. Their hobby draws them to the sports field in the evenings, rather than idling aimlessly. I would like to acknowledge the leaders of the park, Edgar Leht and Mart Raamat, who successfully completed the park despite the obstacles posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenging economic climate. We hope that Holm Park will become a second home for many athletes and enthusiasts, a place where they can disconnect from daily concerns and devote themselves to active movement and quality time with friends and family," expressed Kalvet.

Photo: Remi Roosmann

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