Published 08.12.2022

Viivika Ait: everyone excels in a good team

Viivika Ait: everyone excels in a good team

Viivika started working for Holm Bank as a Hire Purchase IT Product Owner just under a year ago. She was inspired to join Holm Bank through a desire to make changes in her life. As a recent recipient of the Newcomer of the Year Award, it is clear that she made the right choice.

‘I joined the team of Holm Bank at the beginning of this year. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the working rhythm had not yet returned to normal and I felt a sense of stagnation rise within myself. I realised that something needed to change. Once I had reflected on the situation, it came to me. If you are offered the opportunity to develop the hire purchase service line in one of the flagship companies in the field, and hire purchase is a topic near and dear to your heart, then it is difficult to say no. The huge potential that we have at Holm to make a difference is further enhanced by the fact that a number of other excellent specialists joined this year,’ Viivika believes.

A strong team boosts focus

According to Viivika, her previous experience has been immensely helpful in her current position and being a part of a professional team means that everyone can focus on what they do best. ‘I have been in banking for more than half of my working life. The knowledge that I have acquired during this time has come in handy,’ Viivika adds. 

‘I have not yet had to learn any big lessons at Holm, but my personal development has been significant. Capricorns are known for their solid work ethic and prioritising work over anything – I am no exception. Given the fact that our current, excellent team is much bigger than any of the teams I have previously worked in, I have learned to delegate responsibility. As a result, I can contribute more time to doing what I do best and thus also give others the opportunity to shine within their area of expertise. I have always been very lucky in life to have wonderful colleagues and this time is no different. There is never a shortage of input: everyone contributes to reaching our objectives and new solutions. No matter how crazy the ideas may seem at first, this team can work wonders,’ considers Viivika.

From changing brake pads to knitting Haapsalu shawls

In Viivika’s opinion, people at Holm are dynamic and broad-minded. ‘I often find myself thinking that Holm Bank truly lives up to its slogan – a bank of good plans. Not a day goes by without someone coming up with a great idea for how to make something even better. What I think is fantastic is that everyone I work with on a daily basis loves what they do. That is what makes the environment at Holm so unique and the prospects so good. Knowing that we can always go faster, higher and further motivates me. Even if we do not fully succeed at everything, we can learn from our failures and do better next time,’ she notes.

Viivika finds that great colleagues are the ones who help you get through stressful times. ‘The team of Holm is made up of a group of “crazy” people whose glass is never half empty but constantly overflowing. And that holds true even if the pace, workload and stress are high,’ she laughs. ‘I need people around me that I can fly high with. Doing everything alone all the time gets exhausting,’ she says.

When asked what value she creates for the company, Viivika gives a surprising answer. ‘I can change the brake pads on a Ford Scorpio and I can also knit a Haapsalu shawl. This demonstrates how wide my knowledge is. However, there are three areas where my knowledge is lacking: DevOps, programming, and accounting. Everything else is a natural part of life,’ jokes Viivika.

Stress reduction through home improvement

In her free time, Viivika does not actually repair cars or knit shawls to relieve stress. Instead, she likes to undertake home improvement projects to unwind. ‘When I start to feel overwhelmed, I like to take on a home renovation project. As a result, I have revamped many parts of my home in the last few years,’ Viivika states excitedly.

In terms of a vision for the future, Viivika has a great deal of confidence in Holm. ‘I believe and make every effort to ensure that in five years we will still be an innovative bank, and one that our competitors look up to. Alongside the successful Liisi hire purchase, Holm has reached the consciousness of every Estonian,’ she concludes.

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