Published 09.04.2024

The people of Holm Bank: Uniting and Driving Force

The people of Holm Bank: Uniting and Driving Force

Holm employs just over a hundred people, some of whom have been with the company for a long time, even before it transitioned into a bank, while others joined when the bank was established. They are united by the fact that working together is fun, mutual respect and appreciation prevail. The driving force behind all of this is the knowledge that we are building an awesome bank. We explored how they see life at Holm and #holmhood.

Let there be a bank! And there was a bank.

Holm comes from the picturesque town of Haapsalu, where the Liisi hire purchase service was launched, marking the start of our business in 1995. When the news came one fine day that the company was going to be transformed into a bank – one of the most complex forms of business, which has to comply with a huge number of regulations – nobody had any doubt that this initiative would succeed. And it has certainly succeeded, thanks to the vision of the owner, the company’s management and employees. Now, in 2024, the bank celebrates its 5th birthday.

“I appreciate our team, because Holm would not be this bank today without such an awesome team. Every day, everyone thinks about how Holm could be an even better and more innovative bank,” says Sarmi Värv, the bank’s lawyer and Head of the Court and Enforcement Proceedings Department, putting into words the thoughts and feelings of the Holm folk. “At Holm, people know that positions are not restrictive, and all can communicate freely with each other. The atmosphere is supportive and solution-oriented,” adds a colleague from the Partnerships Department.

Great work culture and community

“I was attracted by Holm’s flexibility and the potential for self-fulfilment. Previously I had heard in banking circles that Holm values both its clients and its employees,” says Leasing Manager Kadi Suits who is the latest newcomer to Holm. “I have heard nothing but good things about Holm over the past few years – the work culture, the opportunities for development and the community. And the best part is that, based on the experience so far, everything I have heard is indeed true,” says Digital Marketing Strategist Eliine Rannajõe who joined the bank at the end of last year.

Mutual respect

Holm Bank was awarded the Remote Work badge last year, which is recognition of the company’s ability to offer its staff flexibility, development and diverse opportunities. The bank’s management team and HR Department have successfully created conditions where everyone can find a rhythm and a way of working that suits them. “I value a pleasant and peaceful working environment,” says Airi who works in the archives. “A healthy environment, a positive attitude and the feeling of being valued. I want to create value myself, and I am supported by the knowledge that I can share my concerns and joys with my boss,” says Software Developer Anastasia Berestovaja.

“One of the key factors is openness – everyone has an opportunity to have their say and contribute to the new promising plans. It is easy to be involved when internal communication is transparent, the teams work closely together, and all opinions and ideas are always welcome," says Eliine, describing the vibe of the teams. 

With a warm heart

“Good evening. Estonia has a new bank. .... The new name of the company is Holm Bank,” the state television news presenter began reading the evening news bulletin on 2 April 2019.

“I was filled with pride, great joy, but also felt quite apprehensive ahead of this new way of working,” says Office and HR Manager Kärol Järviste. “Joy, excitement, gratitude,” recalls Sarmi. “Delight, pride, curiosity,” Airi remembers the feelings that overwhelmed her.

The extensive preparation work had paid off, and Estonia had its own new bank. A bank that had grown out of small Haapsalu and had already opened an office in Tallinn. It was the beginning of a new era, which involved a lot of work, travelling between two cities, countless online sessions in Teams, meetings, implementation of internal procedures, creating a new Holm brand and maintaining the Liisi brand, training events, development efforts, but also this sensation of standing shoulder to shoulder, mutual support and a genuine enthusiasm for what was being done. Today, Holm also has offices in Tartu and Riga, and many of our people work from home in different parts of Estonia or take the opportunity to occasionally telecommute from a warmer climate.

Our Moticheck Employee Satisfaction Index was at 79% last year, with the staff giving above average scores for engagement (88%), trust (85%), leadership and management (85%).

How do the Holm folk see their business in five years’ time?

It is firmly believed that the bank will continue its remarkable growth and will work on developing ever more convenient and faster technical solutions to provide a superior customer experience. “A loved and preferred brand in the Estonian banking sector,” believes Partnership Manager Marge Kõllamägi. “A strong and distinctive company, an attractive employer,” Kärol is confident. “Probably the work processes and the people themselves, who have evolved tremendously with the bank,” Sarmi reflects.

“Holm has deep roots, but as a bank Holm is still quite young and ambitious. I believe that in five years’ time we will still have a youthful zest for action, for finding innovative solutions and for offering clients more convenient alternatives. For instance, look at Liisi Plus – I would have never thought that hire purchase could be so flexible! By that time we will definitely be more established in people’s minds as Estonia’s own bank, able to pleasantly surprise with flexible and convenient solutions,” Eliine discusses the changes that are likely to come. 

A clear understanding of the greater purpose of work – for the sake of clients

Holm employees don't just come to work for the sake of a pleasant atmosphere and company. “I value both Holm’s personnel and clients,” says Loan Manager Katrin Urma. Katrin is one of those who has been with the company since before it became a bank and knows exactly how important the employees consider customer convenience, the speed of company operations, and support for customers. And clients have certainly noticed and appreciated this as well, as proven by how highly they rate Holm. Holm’s customer recommendation index has already risen to 78.66% this year, according to Recommy.

Bank of good plans

At Holm, we strive to ensure that clients can make their good plans a reality – and the bank can contribute to this with high-quality solutions that are in demand, fast and convenient client progression, helpful customer support. This is what the Holm folk are working towards. 

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