The Holm team shares the values that the bank supports


The people at Holm Bank, who we like to call ‘Holmers’, live by the same values that the bank supports: a healthy, active lifestyle forms part of our everyday lives, as does respect for Mother Nature and the world around us. As a company, Holm supports a range of initiatives designed to help young people get involved in sports and sporting hobbies. You can read all about this (and much more besides) on our ‘Holm cares’ page and find out what our team members get up to on our #holmlased page. Each month in Holm we highlight a different aspect of health to give our team members something specific to focus on in terms of their own health and fitness. We’ll now be covering these activities on our website as well. To kick off, everyone can enjoy our team’s pictures from this autumn’s ‘colour hunt’ in the great outdoors, in the course of which the participants hiked on their own or with their friends, family and/or pets. We subscribe to the idea that ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’ is a great approach to everyday life. When you get some exercise in the fresh air, it keeps you firing on all cylinders: you feel fantastic and work really effectively. That’s all the more true in the midst of the pandemic, in which gathering indoors should be avoided as much as possible.

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