Published 11.04.2023

Silva Metshein – it's worth taking hold of the exciting twists and turns life offers

Silva Metshein – it's worth taking hold of the exciting twists and turns life offers

Silva is one of the cornerstones of Holm Bank. Currently working as a product manager in the IT development team, she has built retailer partnerships, led customer support, and managed the IT development department.

"When I joined the company, it had not yet become a bank but was a relatively small financial services provider with a different name. In a small team, one performs many tasks and fulfils different roles. I enjoy such diversity, and it has given me a good cross-section of the work of the company's various departments," Silva explains. At one point, Silva transitioned from people management to managing processes and started working as a business architect, contributing to the creation of new necessary systems for the bank.

"But then I felt like I already knew everything and it was all too familiar. Although the work had constantly evolved over time and the company had supported my development in every way, curiosity arose and I wanted to try working elsewhere. 14 years is a long time in one company," reflects Silva, who made a professional detour to another financial company about a year ago. And returned to Holm after six months."

Valuing people is not just empty words

"I have always been fascinated by how well Holm treats both employees and customers. Caring is not just lip service. Leaders and colleagues genuinely care that team feel supported and everyone is given opportunities to develop. I see the same caring approach when customer support communicates with customers - no concern is left unattended, and solutions are always sought," Silva is visibly enchanted by Holm’s people-valuing culture. That was one of the main reasons that drew her back to Holm Bank. "I've always felt that Holm is like another family with its ups and downs," says Silva and admits that Holm's working methods and business lines were familiar, prompting her to return to Holm Bank. "The processes have been developed over the years, and I have had my say in designing them. The business is in constant evolution, but nothing is done in a headlong rush, instead always thinking through all aspects, giving people time to understand the necessity of changes and adapt to them. I am glad that my curiosity about a different work environment was satisfied, and I am even more pleased to continue in Holm," sums up Silva, whose colleagues were very happy about her return.

Diversity keeps the mind fresh and moving forward

Reflecting on the early years, Silva acknowledges that her experience during that time kept her connected to the company for a long time. "When you're involved in building something big from the beginning, you develop a special ability to see what needs to be done at a particular point in time, and you simply take on that role. There's nothing left but to learn and experiment yourself," explains Silva, who believes that the team coped very well with such an agile and initiative-based approach. "Thanks to this diversity, I have knowledge and experience in various fields which I can use in my current IT development work and in visualising the big picture, be it experience in communication with regulators, legal issues, negotiations with various partners, prevention of potential system weaknesses, etc.," Silva enumerates.

Professional Development and Advancements

"Working at Holm has been a significant milestone in my life. I have grown a lot here, learned about myself, and accomplished a great deal. Holm is definitely not just a workplace, but rather a work family with everything that comes with it. My personal professional development has taken a huge leap forward thanks to our excellent IT collaboration partner and the IT manager who encouraged and supported me at the time when we began developing a new banking platform. I am pleased with the result; it is modern, secure, and tailored to our needs," Silva says excitedly when talking about her own and the bank's progress.

"It is impressive how the bank has adapted to changes and developed overall in recent years," she adds. Silva is delighted that her work constantly produces something tangible. "It's good to feel that every system we create has my contribution. The moments when we complete a significant solution for someone, the user is satisfied and gives feedback are particularly special. It's always good to hear that you are doing something well and that you are useful," Silva says.

Personality and flexibility

"I value the emphasis that Holm Bank has placed on personality and flexibility over the years. We strive to approach each customer on a personal level and find solutions that cater to their unique needs and circumstances. The financial sector is heavily regulated, which means that we cannot meet people in everything, but we always aim to explain and offer support. I think we have done quite well with that, and I believe that in the future, Holm will maintain its current personality and flexibility for its customers and be a reliable partner. Furthermore, the fact that Holm is an attractive employer means that we have the opportunity to welcome new and talented colleagues who can contribute to our ongoing success,“ Silva sees the developments optimistically.

Holiday as a restart

Silva believes that while immersing oneself in work with joy and excitement is important, it is equally necessary to take a break and rest. Previously, she used to go on nature and cultural trips with a group of colleagues to different parts of the world, which served as a great source of inspiration and energy. Although there have been fewer such trips lately, she now tries to do things she enjoys, such as dancing, intense exercise, or meditation. Silva finds pleasure and happiness in enjoying both work and leisure activities.

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