Published 16.08.2023

Rolands Bērziņš: An Engaging Career Transcends Mere Job Titles

Rolands Bērziņš: An Engaging Career Transcends Mere Job Titles

Rolands Bērziņš, Sales Manager at Holm Bank Latvia, emphasizes that a job title doesn't capture the true essence of the work. "My role at Holm Bank is incredibly diverse, fast-paced, and fascinating, making the work itself my main motivation. When the results meet or exceed expectations, my motivation soars," he explains enthusiastically. "However, one of the biggest challenges lies in swiftly shifting attention from one topic to another, sometimes within minutes," Rolands remarks. He believes that this dynamic nature of the job adds excitement and interest. "The most rewarding aspect of working at Holm Bank, though, is the embracing of new ideas. Everyone is encouraged to share their perspectives and propose fresh concepts. This creates a solid foundation for exceptional plans to emerge."

A Deep Connection with Tallinn

Rolands joined the company in 2015 when it was known as Best Līzings in Latvia. He had fallen in love with his future wife in Tallinn while on a trip from Riga to Stockholm. As a result, he moved to Estonia. "When things fall into place, everything flows effortlessly, just like a river," Rolands smiles. Professionally, it presented an incredible opportunity for him to work in his native Latvian language in a neighbouring country. Presently, he serves the Latvian market from the headquarters of Holm Bank in Estonia, working alongside a close-knit team of Estonian and Latvian colleagues. He appreciates the power and fruitful outcomes of this cross-country collaboration. "It provides an excellent chance to test ideas in one market and implement them in two. While the markets may differ, gaining insights into product development in one country makes it much easier to adapt services for the other market," Rolands explains. Over his eight years at Holm Bank, he has witnessed the significance of teamwork. "You are nothing without a team, and with a knowledgeable, professional, and enthusiastic team by your side, you can achieve magnificent results," he humbly acknowledges.

Ingrained Responsible Lending Principles

"In Estonia, Holm Bank operates as a credit institution, while in Latvia, we function as a credit provider," Rolands elaborates on the nuanced legal distinctions. "I believe we are one of the most responsible non-bank lenders in Latvia," he continues. "One of the reasons is that our parent company, Holm Bank in Estonia, is a bank. Thus, we naturally adhere to the stringent regulations applied to banks in Latvia as well. Our top priority is responsible lending. We have established robust processes for conducting thorough creditworthiness assessments, ensuring that loans are granted only to individuals who can comfortably handle repayments. We also provide clients with financial knowledge, guiding them to make informed decisions. This commitment to spreading financial education enables clients to make responsible choices," Rolands explains. "We cannot finance everyone's plans. If we anticipate difficulties in repayment, we decline the loan application. In such cases, if the applicant seeks clarification, we take the time to explain the reasons behind our decision. We have had individuals return to us later with improved financial circumstances, expressing gratitude for our earlier decisions and explanations," Rolands proudly announces.

Curating Development Projects

"In my view, Holm Bank's personalised approach towards customers is fair and forward-thinking. We actively listen to our clients to understand their needs, which serves as an excellent foundation for selecting projects for development and improvement. This approach has enabled us to expand our portfolio in directions that our customers find valuable," Rolands expresses with pride.

"It has been a remarkable journey from Best Līzings, a company established around 20 years ago, offering hire-purchase services in physical stores, to Holm Bank Latvia, which now offers a range of credit products for both private and business customers. I have not only witnessed but actively participated in the creation of various products. Personally, the loan offerings associated with housing are particularly close to my heart. Whether it's for home purchases, renovations, or green loans to enhance energy efficiency, these products assist our customers in acquiring something valuable or saving money in the future, while also contributing to environmental preservation," Rolands explains the sustainability aspects of certain loan products.

No Time for Stress

"Stress is not worth wasting your time and attention on. When you are in the right place, performing your job competently and willingly, there is nothing to stress about. That's my recipe for handling stress," says Rolands. "And, of course, when you finish work in the evening, step away from it. Don't dwell on work-related matters. Personally, I enjoy building speakers and assembling sound systems, and amplifiers. I love dealing with different wires and technical components in this field. I also find pleasure in tinkering with old cars. There's always something to repair or adjust," Rolands radiates passion.

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