Published 10.11.2022

Rita Vilta: Holm’s success encourages me to do my best

Rita Vilta: Holm’s success encourages me to do my best

Rita Vilta has been working as a partnerships manager in Holm for 11 years now. She says joining the bank was the start of a long and hard but very rewarding journey.

The world of finance was new to Rita at the time, meaning she had a lot to learn from day one. “I’m indebted to Holm’s owner and then manager for being such a good teacher to me and for setting the example they did, which allowed me to get to grips with managing partnerships,” she says. “I soon worked out what it all entailed and was able to press ahead on my own.”

Rita says the novelty and excitement that came with the new job still accompany her work today: interesting challenges and amazing colleagues are something she values a great deal.

“Our field evolves so rapidly and processes are constantly changing,” she explains. “That’s what makes my job so exciting, and why it’s so satisfying to grapple with something new and make a go of it. I love the fact that Holm gives its people the space to do their thing, that we’re trusted to do that. Asking for help and advice is encouraged. I feel like all of us share the same values, even if we don’t always necessarily agree on things.”

A successful company means motivated workers

What makes Holm unique in Rita’s view is its impressive development. “The fact that a little family-run company from a small town has evolved into a big, well-known, nationwide bank that’s now expanding into other countries just makes me so happy!” she smiles. “I’m proud to work for such a company. I’ve no doubt at all that it will continue to blaze a trail in the years ahead, bettering its results all the time, offering a wealth of opportunities to its staff and clients, expanding its team and entering into a record number of new contracts.” 

Holm’s success inspires Rita to give her all, try out new solutions and provide her clients with the very best that both she and the bank have to offer. “Success is important to me at the personal and organisational levels, and encourages me to improve,” she says. “I’m motivated by the company’s growth, because I know I’ve played a part in it, that my individual successes play into its overall success. It’s not 100% success 100% of the time, of course, but setbacks and obstacles always spur me on to find ways around them.”

Rita says it is important to her that the bank’s partners receive the best possible service and that their customer experience is as convenient as it can be. “That’s what I work to achieve every single day,” she adds. “I love talking to our partners. I’m innately curious, a real sponge – I just soak up new ideas and solutions.”

Recharging batteries at home

Whenever a whirlwind of thoughts sees Rita’s focus slip at work, she turns to art, culture and nature for balance. She loves painting, reading and watching movies, as well as getting out in the fresh air. However, the greatest source of energy from which she recharges her batteries is her family, with whom she enjoys spending as much time as possible, especially at home.

“There’s no better place for me to relax and unwind than between my own four walls!” she smiles. “I’m away from the hustle and bustle of the city at home, and can totally switch off from the rest of the world. I tick a lot of the ‘housewife’ boxes, really – I bake, I clean, I decorate. I like things to be cosy. I love spoiling my family, and I’m so grateful to have them. They’re the most important people in the world to me, and that’s a lovely – and very secure – feeling to have.”

But to enjoy all that, Rita adds, you need balance. “I’m happy at work and at home,” she says. “I like the job I do and that it gives me the chance to strike the balance I look for between my personal and professional lives.”

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