Published 15.05.2023

Navigating the Future: Tarmo Klaassen on Holm Bank’s Path to Success

Navigating the Future: Tarmo Klaassen on Holm Bank’s Path to Success

When Tarmo arrived at the school, the classes had already begun… This could be a paraphrase of how Holm leasing, offered to companies through good partnerships, gained new momentum with Tarmo's arrival. Today, Holm Bank provides leasing for both individuals to finance the purchase of vehicles and for companies to acquire different assets. Tarmo's experience in the leasing industry began in 2008. „I have worked in various organizations and experienced different work cultures and approaches. My activities have mainly been related to customers and sales. Sales activities are successful when you can truly support the customer. This means that you know and understand the entire service process and all the nuances that happen behind the scenes, from credit to legal matters,“ says Tarmo Klaassen, Holm Bank Leasing Business Manager. He is convinced that the knowledge he has gained about the specifics of the leasing industry and, more broadly, the logic of how the entire business operates, has been of great help to him in launching and refining the leasing product at Holm Bank, and will also support its further development.

Freedom and Responsibility as Motivating Factors

"In our organization, the number of people dealing with leasing is still quite small, but there are just as many nuances to be resolved as in a large organization. This means that we have to deal with tasks from one end to the other daily," says Tarmo, whose work and activities sometimes remind him of Hunt Kriimsilm's (Jack of all trades) doings. "At the same time, I have never felt bored here. "In the end, satisfaction comes from finding the right solution to a big or small issue," says Tarmo, whose eyes light up at the prospect of creating something significant and meaningful. " I am motivated by the possibility to carry out leasing at Holm based on my best judgement and knowledge, without rigidly prescribed limits that could hinder progress. This opportunity and freedom come with great responsibility, but also provide me with extra energy to bring new ideas to fruition," explains Tarmo, who is driven by challenges.

"My goal is to shape Holm into a leasing partner who comprehends and caters to the needs of its partners, while also being flexible. I would be satisfied if, in a few years, every major and minor seller of vehicles, heavy machinery, and other equipment would know the phrase 'Holm leasing', and customers would ask for it themselves, both on the private and business side," Tarmo has set a specific goal for his work that extends beyond sales figures. He envisions Holm as a renowned provider of financing solutions that is not only competitive in its niche but also the preferred choice for customers due to its exceptional service.

Knowing how to leverage advantages is crucial

"I appreciate that at Holm, we have a clear understanding of our current position and our desired path for the future. It's important to me that this knowledge is also conveyed to our employees," reflects Tarmo. He believes that Holm's targeted approach, specific plans, and open communication with employees allow for the successful implementation of their goals.

Regarding the leasing sector, Tarmo views Holm's independence as a significant advantage. "Unlike other market participants, we have the ability to make decisions and set our terms and behaviour based on market and customer needs. In the leasing market, our main competitors belong to large international groups, which can lead to increased bureaucracy and make it more challenging to implement changes both in individual transactions and broader direction changes," explains Tarmo. "How reasonably we act, is the determining factor," says Tarmo, who keeps both feet on the ground. "It's vital to make the most of the advantages to ensure success in a competitive market," he says.

Working in a growing company is always fascinating

"For me, the overall work environment created by the people I work with is important. Today, we have a good team - smart and motivated people who want to advance their field and the company. Working in a growing company is always more interesting, and it takes people with the right attitude to make it work," says Tarmo, who is positively inclined towards developments.

In his free time, he divides his time between family and sports. "I like to keep active, play volleyball, basketball, football with friends, or just go for a walk in nature. A few years ago, I discovered woodworking. Growing up in the city, I lacked previous exposure and knowledge of wood as a material and its possibilities. It has been interesting to explore this world and do something with my own hands, ensuring satisfaction," says Tarmo, admitting that he tries to disappear into the garage quietly a few days a month to work on woodworking.

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