Published 12.05.2022

Monika Tomberg: A unique combination of experience and ambition in Holm

Monika Tomberg: A unique combination of experience and ambition in Holm

With its unique combination of experience and ambition, Holm has great potential to become a valued bank everywhere in Europe, says Monika Tomberg, a member of Holm’s management board and the head of its Legal Department.

Monika, who has been working in the financial sector for 16 years, joined Holm in April. As an advisor, she has supported Holm's development since the bank’s establishment. Joining the Holm team was the logical next step for her.

"It’s important to me that my job allows me to do what I know well and offers opportunities to develop and learn," Monika says. "In Holm, I can apply the skills I’ve acquired in the course of my career. I know that a lot of new experiences await me as well since I've never served as a member of the board in a bank before."

Holm is a long-standing creditor but has only been operating as a bank for three years. Monika sees a lot of potential and possibilities in this. "Building up an organisation is more exciting to me than following established rules and routines,” she admits.

The Liisi brand is widely known in Estonia, and through its predecessor, Holm has been offering financial services since 1995. "Holm's team consists of people who have been working for the company for more than 25 years and those who have joined it more recently,” Monika explains. “The latter bring their experience from outside. The bank’s staff are devoted and working hard to create enjoyable customer experiences for our clients. I see huge potential here."

When asked about her motivation, Monika reveals that it is the ability to do something good that inspires her. "I want to help create a great bank in Estonia and have a positive impact on the lives of customers and the people in my organisation,” she says.

The skills and knowledge Monika has acquired in her previous roles will no doubt support the achievement of this goal. In addition to her legal work, she has previously worked in the field of operational and regulatory risk and was the lead in creating a new legal department after the merger of two major banks. These experiences helped her gain invaluable experience in dealing with difficulties and managing people in stressful situations.

In addition, Monika has three years’ experience in a respected law firm, where she worked as a senior associate and expert in banking and finance law. "That experience helped me gain skills that are invaluable in my current position in Holm," she says.

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