Published 08.12.2021

Maria Muljarova: A perfect workplace boosts your spirit and self-esteem

Maria Muljarova: A perfect workplace boosts your spirit and self-esteem

It comes as no surprise that the first interaction Maria Muljarova, the new DPO of Holm Bank, had with the company was not as a potential employee but rather as a satisfied customer.

Her positive experience of our client-focused service was in fact one of the reasons she jumped at the opportunity to join the #holmhood doing something she feels passionate about – making sure that data are secure.

“Having seen how Holm works as a financial service provider, I knew immediately that I wanted to use my skills and knowledge to contribute to the continuing growth of the company,” she said.

Meeting her colleagues

Any insecurities Maria might have had disappeared once she had the opportunity to meet her future colleagues during the application process.

“It was clear that the personal approach I sensed as a client was a reflection of the prevailing culture in the company,” she explained. “As is so often the case with people, the warmth and energy you see from the outside often reflect the balance and health of the person on the inside. Based on the few months I’ve been here, that’s certainly true of Holm!”

For Maria, the opportunity came at exactly the right time. “I’d been looking for a certain something – my own place – for a while,” she said. “A place where my role would allow me to create value doing what I consider my mission: guaranteeing data protection. It seemed so perfect that at one point I was even worried that I’d painted an unrealistically perfect picture of the organisation and that the reality would be a shocking disappointment, as sometimes happens.

What is a perfect workplace like?

Maria had dreamed of a workplace where she would be surrounded by people who shared her values. “For me, that’s an understanding that the health of any organisation as a whole depends on the personal development of each and every team member,” she revealed.

For Maria, the perfect place is somewhere people are constantly searching for new and better solutions and engaging both newcomers and old-timers in the process; a place where everyone – no matter what their position or field of activity – works together, not against one another.

“The perfect place never makes you doubt your abilities, but boosts your spirit, elevates your self-esteem and gives you the motivation to see life from a positive perspective,” she said. “Today, I can say with all certainty that I’ve found my own place.“

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