Published 01.11.2023

Madli Pindmaa: I admire that Holm regards time as a valuable asset

Madli Pindmaa: I admire that Holm regards time as a valuable asset

"It was the remarkable growth of Holm that caught my attention," acknowledges Madli Pindmaa, Chief Financial Officer at Holm Bank, who joined the bank's team in September. "There aren't many companies, especially local ones, that can boast about their portfolio doubling in just 1.5 years. While Holm has a history dating back to the mid-nineties, as a bank from 2019, it is a youthful, rapidly expanding, and evolving credit institution that holds substantial potential in the market. Witnessing the company's rapid development up close is truly thrilling," Madli reveals the reasons that attracted her to Holm.

Diversity Enriches

"I embarked on my career in the world of finance as an investment banking intern, and after completing my university studies, I continued as an analyst in the same company. I gained valuable insights into various M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions) and capital raising projects," shares Madli about her professional background.

However, understanding that life doesn't always follow a linear path, Madli made a significant shift one day, leaving behind the realm of investment banking. She set off for Ecuador for six months, where she taught primary school children and simultaneously honed her Spanish language skills. "It was a wonderful break from financial topics, broadened my horizons, and, of course, enhanced my foreign language proficiency," she reflects on the positive aspects of that period.

Upon returning to Europe, Madli pursued her master's degree in Copenhagen and re-entered the banking sector, this time as a credit analyst. As if seeking confirmation that banking was her true calling, she took a brief detour from the industry. "While working in banking, analyzing companies from a multitude of sectors, I felt it would be a refreshing change of pace to gain insights into the financial department of a state-owned enterprise. I handled tasks such as analyzing financing structures, forecasting liquidity needs, engaging with banks and rating agencies, and supporting several M&A transactions," explains Madli, acknowledging the wealth of knowledge she acquired in the state-owned enterprise.

"Then came another significant turning point, and I took on the role of Head of Finance in a small startup with less than 10 employees. I was drawn by the challenge and the opportunity to build the finance part of a licensed payment institution in Estonia practically from the ground up. Just as I anticipated when I joined, it proved to be an incredibly exciting experience," Madli passionately shares.

A Solid Foundation to Build Upon

„When I look back at my past experiences, it seems like I've laid a foundation upon which to build at Holm," Madli smiles. "In my current role, I deal with many topics I've encountered in previous companies, such as liaising with the FSA and developing DWH reports. Even the accounting software here is the same as the one I used in a previous job," Madli says.

"My role at Holm Bank is broader, and I'm supported by the entire finance department. A well-functioning team and the well-being of my colleagues are of utmost importance to me," Madli praises her coworkers, whose professionalism and collaborative spirit played a significant role in making her feel at home at Holm. "We handle a wide range of topics daily, including routine tasks like month-end closing, reporting, and audits. In addition, we address various ad hoc matters, such as continuously refining work processes, automation, development projects, and more. I'm delighted that I can place my trust in my colleagues' professionalism and thus share the workload," she highly regards her team's capabilities.

Learning is Exciting

"I've always been driven by the opportunity to learn new things and make improvements. When I see the results of my work, I know that my contribution has not been in vain. I'm at the beginning of my journey at Holm, and I'm currently relishing this learning phase. It feels like I won't get bored here.

I enjoy involvement in various areas and, within that framework, interacting and collaborating with people. Effective collaboration between departments and individuals is highly valuable in my eyes. Despite the company's rapid growth, Holm has retained its startup-like flexibility and a commitment to doing things well and making fast decisions. Otherwise, Holm wouldn't be renowned as the bank with ambitious plans," Madli shares what has impressed her most during her initial months at the bank.

"I appreciate that Holm always keeps in mind the value of time. Accordingly, Holm develops technologically seamless solutions for customers, ensuring a convenient customer journey that allows individuals to focus on what truly matters to them. Internally, the same principle applies. We continually refine work processes, making them faster and more convenient, and leverage new technologies to maximize efficiency. This is, in fact, an expectation one would have from any service provider and employer," acknowledges Madli.

Always curious

"My true passion is travelling – I relish visiting new countries and immersing myself in diverse cultures. I spent my entire student life abroad, volunteered in Latin America, and was a member of a European student organization for a few years. During that time, I had the opportunity to visit many European countries and connect with local people. Except for the Covid period, I've enjoyed visiting different countries or cities each year. I endeavour to instil a similar wanderlust in my children because I believe it significantly enriches their perspective. Additionally, thanks to my travels and experiences abroad, I've grown to appreciate Estonia, its magnificent natural beauty, and the freedom it offers even more," Madli explains, describing how she balances her professional life and how curiosity is a recurring theme in her life.

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