JK Welco’s new home stadium in Raadi officially named Holm Park


Tartu JK Welco CEO Edgar Leht says that although construction of the stadium came at a complicated time, coinciding with the coronavirus pandemic and facing setbacks as a result, it has reached the point where the field can now be used for everyday training. “Work on the stadium’s been going on for a year-and-a-half, and we’re hoping to continue with it in the coming months with the building of a timber grandstand next to the field,” he explained. “The complex is due to be fully completed by next summer, which is when we’re aiming to host its official opening.” Leht is pleased that the stadium, which has been erected on land opposite the Estonian National Museum, has attracted such a prestigious sponsor for its name.  

“Holm have been our main sponsors for a long time now, so I’m really happy they’ve decided to keep working with us and that the stadium, which we’ve really put our heart and soul into, has been given the name ‘Holm Park’,” he said. “It’s a mark of trust and certainty that in working with the bank we’ll see the stadium through to its completion, which will be another milestone not just in our club’s development, but also in the partnership we’ve been building up with Holm since 2016.” Holm management board chairman Rauno Klettenberg says that the Estonian-owned bank is strongly behind the sustainability of sport at the national level and the training of up-and-coming athletes, as well as sporty lifestyles generally.  

“We have to have good training conditions if we want to be able to revel in the achievements of our sports stars at home and in international events in the future,” he said. “The determination and enthusiasm that JK Welco have shown in implementing this project are fantastic to see and demonstrate that if you do something with heart, it’ll work out for you.”  

Klettenberg says that as the sponsor of the new venue, the bank is pleased that Holm Park will be an environmentally friendly sports complex. “The stadium will have not one but two solar parks, one of which is already up and running,” he explained. “It’ll also be home to a herb garden supplying Tartu’s restaurants that will operate on the principles of the circular economy. And the main construction material being used is timber, which is the most environmentally friendly option, because it absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere.”  

Find out more about what JK Welco is up to on the club’s website at https://www.jkwelco.ee/ and on its Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/JK.Welco.  

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