Published 03.08.2022

Holm to start issuing home loans

Holm to start issuing home loans

The Estonian-owned Holm Bank will be issuing home loans for the purchase or construction of a new home or the renovation or reconstruction of an existing home.

Holm CEO Rauno Klettenberg says that the bank’s operations in Estonia, Austria and Germany over the last years have seen it attain sufficient capital to start financing important home-related purchase decisions for new and existing private clients.

“Holm’s been operating as a bank since 2019, but our history as a financial service provider stretches back to 1995, when we launched hire purchase services under our well-known Liisi brand,” he explained. “That means we boast more than a quarter of a century’s experience, and today we have over 600,000 clients, most of whom keep coming back to us when they want to turn their plans into reality. We’re delighted that we’ll now be able to help them out in buying a new home as well.”

Klettenberg added that Holm aims to make its home loan contracts as easy for its clients to understand as possible. “Having said that, we want them to be fully aware of the obligation they’re assuming and the risks that come with it, and not to take the whole thing too lightly,” he said. “The personalised service we offer and the understanding approach we take have always been our greatest strengths. We discuss options and conditions with every single client at length, building up trust in our relationship and doing everything we can to make sure they feel secure and sure-footed in taking out their loan.”

In issuing its home loans, Holm is working with the Estonian Business and Innovation Agency (formerly KredEx). Clients who qualify for the agency’s support can apply for loans on more favourable conditions. Like other European banks, Holm sets an interest rate on every loan offer, to which is added the interbank loan interest rate – the six-month Euribor published daily by the European Money Markets Institute.

Holm Bank AS is an Estonian-owned bank with an operating licence issued by the European Central Bank. It operates under both the Liisi and Holm trademarks. Its services include term deposits, physical and virtual credit cards, private and business client financing and hire purchase. The bank also offers term deposits in Germany and Austria via the Raisin platform and is the sole owner of Holm Bank Latvia SIA, which operates as a financial services provider in Latvia.

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