Published 16.01.2024

Holm launches a fee-free credit card

Holm launches a fee-free credit card

Based on domestic capital, Holm is the first bank in Estonia to develop a credit card that has no contract fee, no monthly fee and no interest. According to the bank’s CEO, Сredit Сard 100 with a EUR 100 limit is a safe choice for financially prudent young people and for those who need a risk-free credit card for certain purchases.

“We have developed a credit card without a monthly fee, interest and contract fee with a monthly EUR 100 limit. The amount used must be repaid by the 10th of the following month, after which a new limit of EUR 100 becomes available. Such an extremely simple product is suitable for people who need a credit card that does not involve additional fees to supplement their everyday bank card for regular payments for goods or services,” said Kaspar Kalvet, CEO of Holm.

According to him, Сredit Сard 100 is also a suitable solution for clients who do not want to link their bank account to different ordering websites or want to keep purchases made through popular smartphone apps within strict limits.

“We see young people aged 18 and over as a potential client group for whom this would be their first credit card. The EUR 100 limit is enough for automatic monthly subscription fees for Spotify, Netflix and other streaming services, payments for food deliveries, taxi or electric scooter rides, small purchases from online stores or occasional unexpected expenses. This will facilitate responsible financial behaviour and reduce the risk that a person may become indebted to the bank because of overestimating their possibilities,” Kalvet added.

Credit Сard 100 can be used as a plastic card or a virtual card and, like any ordinary credit card, it is covered by free purchase insurance.

Holm Bank has significantly expanded its service range in recent months. In the summer, Holm introduced a leasing and loan refinancing solution for private individuals and launched a unique hire purchase product on the Estonian market at the end of the year, Liisi Pluss, where you no longer have to fill in a store application form: all you need to do is to take a photo of the product and price tag with a smartphone and upload it to the bank’s self-service environment.

“We are an Estonian bank with roots in Haapsalu, and this is our great strength. We can react quickly to signals from clients and flexibly test different solutions that offer clients something unique compared to what is currently available on the market. This business philosophy has been a good driver for our commercial activities in recent years and has led to rapid growth in business volumes,” said the bank’s CEO.

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