Published 10.06.2019

Holm Bank’s deposits have the best interest rates in Estonia

Holm Bank’s deposits have the best interest rates in Estonia

As of May, Holm Bank is offering deposits with the best interest rates in Estonia, allowing customers to safely deposit money for a period of three months up to five years. The interest rate for a term deposit for private persons is 2.5 per cent per year, which exceeds the offers of all other banks.

Holm Bank, a family business founded in Haapsalu, revealed an opening offer for deposits of private customers last week, and the interest rates of Holm exceed those of competitive banks multiple times. Even short-term deposits are beneficial, because an equal yearly interest rate of 2.5% is paid for term deposits for a period of three months up to five years.

According to Indrek Julge, Head of Holm Bank, the company wishes to offer Estonian people a chance to earn a significantly higher interest income compared to the general average of other banks. ‘Deposit interest rates of foreign banks that operate on the Estonian market are close to zero, especially for short-term deposits. The objective of Holm is to offer deposits with the best interest rates that allow private persons to save their money in a profitable and safe way even if the term is only a few months,’ Julge said, adding that as money does not earn any interest while being kept on a regular bank account, depositing money with a profitability of 2.5% is already a significant gain.

Depositing your savings in Holm Bank is a simple and fast solution that guarantees an even and high interest rate for deposits of all terms, starting from three months. A deposit may be any sum of money, from 500 to 100,000 euros.

According to Julge, this is especially useful for people who have set aside money for a down payment of a new home or save for a rainy day or unexpected expenses. ‘Our flexibility is certainly an advantage for anybody who can only deposit money for a short period of time,’ Julge said.

According to Julge, the opening offer of an interest rate of 2.5% is only valid until the first 10 million euros are assembled. ‘Considering the success of Estonian economy and the high savings rates, we have prognosed to reach the established target already in the first month, which is why I advise everybody to act fast,’ Julge said. Read more on the deposit here.

Fact box: how do I deposit in Holm?

Depositing your savings in the Holm self-service environment is easy and quick.

  • Create a user account at the Holm Bank self-service environment (
  • Fill out an application and conclude a contract in the self-service environment.
  • Choose a period and a suitable sum. You will receive a reference number and an account number where to transfer the money.
  • You also have a chance to transfer the money back onto your own account or open a new deposit.

If you wish to deposit 15,000 euros or more, you must undergo an initial additional identification at an Omniva post office (

The history of Holm and its legacy from Haapsalu

Holm Bank is a new chapter in the history of AS Koduliising and Liisi. The bank is a success story of almost 23 years, a family company whose predecessor Liisi instalment began operating in Haapsalu already in 1995. Approximately 350,000 customers have trusted the company over the years and Holm Bank is currently the instalment partner of over 1,100 merchants and 2,000 points of sale across Estonia.

The name of Holm Bank is inspired by Haapsalu and refers to the small islands and islets of the region. Staying true to Estonia is an important value of the bank. The main benefits of Holm as a domestic bank are trustworthiness, personal relationships with customers, and a strong sense of community.

Holm Bank is planning to continue operating as a company that is entirely based on Estonian capital and remain in the ownership of one Estonian family. In April, the Financial Supervision Authority gave Holm Bank the first authorisation of a credit institution in Estonia that is issued by the European Central Bank. The banking licence gives the bank a chance to increase their capacity on the domestic market as well as to expand to other countries. In addition to deposits with a good interest rate and business loans, Holm Bank also offers instalments, small loans, and credit cards.

Business loan and small businesses

Liisi, the predecessor of Holm, has been a loan partner for private persons for over 20 years. As a new domestic bank, they are also planning to support the development of local small businesses. The bank offers a business loan that is perfect for companies to solve problems with their operating capital or make investments.

The Holm business loan is mainly targeted at small businesses, because this is the target group that has a hard time getting a loan to solve their business problems or make additional investments.

One of the most common downsides in getting an extensive order is an inadequate operating capital. For example, in the case of winning an extensive order from a tender, small businesses are often faced with the problem of having to conclude relevant labour costs in advance, but money will be transferred only after the products or the order has been shipped and delivered. The Holm business loan is a great way to solve such a problem.

Small business owners also have to make rapid investments in a situation where they are lacking a sufficient amount of free money. Take, for example, a small design company needs to hire two or three employees and has to provide them with personal computers and expensive processing programmes. The Holm business loan is perfect for such an urgent small investment.

The benefits of Holm as a domestic small bank is flexibility and preparedness to take into account the different needs of customers. Read more on the business loan here.

A comparison of interest rates for term deposits by banks*
3 months6 months12 months24 months
Holm Bank2,5%2,5%2,5%2,5%
Coop Pank0,30%0,60%1,10%1,50%

* The comparison is made based on the data on the interest rates of term deposits published on the web sites of Estonian banks as at 29 April 2019.

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