Published 23.11.2023

Holm Bank is implementing yet another excellent plan and is stepping in to support Olympic fencing candidate Nelli Differt

Holm Bank is implementing yet another excellent plan and is stepping in to support Olympic fencing candidate Nelli Differt

Nelli Differt is an epee fencer from Haapsalu Fencing Club En Garde, boasting numerous recent accolades and podium finishes, including a bronze medal at the European Championships (2023), 5th place at the World Championships (2022), 2nd place at a World Cup stage (2022), and 3rd place (2023). Additionally, she holds the titles of Junior World Champion (2010) and Junior European Champion (2007) in team epee fencing.

Over the years, Holm Bank has consistently supported proactive individuals and initiatives both locally and across Estonia. "Haapsalu holds a special place in our hearts as Holm has its roots in Haapsalu. We are a significant employer for local people, and we also support the good initiatives and endeavours of the people in Läänemaa. Nelli is an athlete from Haapsalu, who has grown from a locally significant young athlete into a fencer with the opportunity to represent our small Estonia at the Paris Olympics,“ acknowledges Kaspar Kalvet, the CEO of Holm Bank. "Holm Bank's goal is to help bring good plans to fruition and support people working towards their goals. Nelli's plan to represent Estonia successfully at the Olympics is a value that we are happy to contribute to. A talented and hardworking athlete from a small town deserves this opportunity," says Kaspar.

"I have been involved in fencing since childhood, and it occupies my heart and all my time. To be a good fencer, one needs to be physically resilient and technically skilled, as well as a good strategist. Each training session has a specific goal, whether it's honing various necessary nuances such as speed, precision, and sharpness of the thrust, skillfully assessing the opponent's strategy, or building one's own tactics," explains Nelli about the basics of fencing. "Holm Bank is helping me realise my dream and good plan. I am pleased that Holm, which started in my hometown Haapsalu but has now grown much broader, continues to be a support to the local community and to me," Nelli radiates positivity and gratitude.

Nelli Differt graduated from Haapsalu Wiedemann Gymnasium in 2009. In 2012, she completed her bachelor's degree in physiotherapy at the University of Tartu, Faculty of Exercise and Sports Sciences, followed by her master's degree in 2022. Nelli has worked in her field at Läänemaa Hospital for an extended period. She trains six days a week and participates in approximately 20 competitions during the season. Her next competitions are on December 9-10 in Vancouver, where the next World Cup stage will take place.

We wish Nelli success in realising her good plan!

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