Published 11.11.2021

Helju Lehtpuu: it never gets Bering, not even after 25 years

Helju Lehtpuu: it never gets Bering, not even after 25 years

Helju Lehtpuu from Holm Bank's Customer Service has been with us already a quarter of a century. Here's why:

"I joined the predecessor of what is now Holm Bank 25 years ago. Back then, we weren’t yet a bank, but simply offered hire purchase services to people in Estonia.

We helped people purchase items they needed for their everyday lives during the post-Soviet era – a time when people didn’t have enough money to buy modern new whitegoods and electronics like TVs, fridges and washing machines. Our services gave people the means to make purchases and pay them off over a longer period of time, thus enabling them to buy what they needed in their day-to-day lives – items that they would otherwise not have been able to obtain. Being able to help people empowered us with a feeling gratitude and perspective.

Holm Bank is a great company that has made it possible for me to switch jobs internally – a flexibility I’m truly grateful for. This is one of the reasons that working in the same company for such a long time has held my interest, and it’s also meant that I’m valuable to the company.

Currently I’m working in Customer Service, where I help and consult our clients. This line of work allows me to communicate with different people and look for solutions to a wide range of problems. Every day brings new challenges to overcome, and it never gets boring or routine."

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