Published 15.12.2022

Good plans for Christmas time

Good plans for Christmas time

Christmas is approaching! We can't wait for the beautiful blanket of snow, peace and quiet, time for reflection and being with our loved ones, some rest... Every year, however, the approach of Christmas brings along a certain amount of stress –what gifts to buy and for whom, what to put on the table and other holiday concerns. To make that holiday anticipation less difficult, we have gathered some ideas for how to get through the season without all this pressure. After all, what is it that really matters? Perhaps it's not so much about the gift as it is about the opportunity to spend time together, to support one another and those who need it most...

Going gift-crazy: can it be avoided?

It's December already and Christmas Eve isn't far away... How can we cope with all the seemingly mandatory extra work around Christmas? A wreath for the door, a slipper for the elves on the window, gifts for family and friends, the Christmas tree... It's easy to get lost in the holiday hustle and bustle. Is it possible to get these things done at all without feeling stressed and blowing your budget?

Here are some thoughts...

First off, tell yourself "Stop!" Take some time and think about what would really make your family happy. Is it another new trinket, or is it time spent together? You haven't been to the movies together in a while, have you? Gift suggestion: get them a cinema gift card. Maybe your child would appreciate a sled more than a smartphone, and the chance to try it out together? Gift suggestion: get your child a sled and find a nearby hill where you can spend time together several times a week. Does your teenager really need the latest smartwatch, or will they surprise you by saying they'd rather take part in a hobby course together? Gift suggestion: find out what activity your teenager would enjoy and search for a course that you can attend together. Or the hardest one – should you give your partner another perfume or aftershave? Why not gift them a health check-up package, a service offered by many clinics and laboratories.

The most important thing is to be together

Is it possible to not spend any money on gifts at all? It sure is. But this requires prior discussion and agreement to avoid later disappointment. Get the family together and talk about doing something different this year instead of buying gifts.For example, a winter picnic in the forest. Besides the sandwiches and hot tea, pack food for wild animals. Find out on the Internet what you can take for them. Apples and carrots are usually suitable.

You can also agree to give each other homemade gifts instead of store-bought ones. It could be a hand-drawn Christmas card or a special Spotify playlist tailored to the preferences of each family member, which can be enjoyed on Christmas Eve and long after. Maybe your family would appreciate some socks knitted with love? Maybe they would like to bake a holiday pie together? The possibilities are endless; just let your imagination run free. For example, take your family to an animal shelter and bring the animals some much needed food. Shelters appreciate not only donations, but also the gift of time; help clean up snow-covered dog houses or take an abandoned pup for a walk! Maybe you'll find that the shelter isn't so far away, and you can start taking the dogs out for regular walks. You might even find a true friend to take home with you for good.

Give to those who need it most

Let's avoid the holiday madness and save money on impulse purchases and gifts that no one really needs. There are nobler aims to spend money on. Let's lend a helping hand to those who really need it. This year, Holm Bank will be directing gift money to charity. We support a charity called My Dream Day, which helps realise the dreams of severely and chronically ill children. As our motto says, Holm is a bank of good plans. We always work with this idea in mind, but it's especially rewarding to fulfil this beautiful promise with beautiful deeds. Holm employees have also participated in this initiative and have decided to organise a charity fair, the proceeds of which will also be donated. We invite everyone to follow our example: within our means, each of us should donate to those in need. It doesn’t have to be money; a good deed is just as important. Donate your time.

Let's gift time and attention

Let's support those who really need it. Let's gift time and attention; a kind word can be just the support a friend needs.

Holm Bank wishes its customers, friends and business partners a truly magical, peaceful and bright Christmas!

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