Published 09.10.2023

Getter Säär: I am delighted that, thanks to our service, people can afford quality products

Getter Säär: I am delighted that, thanks to our service, people can afford quality products

As an active individual with excellent communication skills, Getter finds genuine joy in her role as a Partner Relationship Manager. She and her colleagues ensure that retailers have a technically convenient hire purchase service to offer and possess the necessary knowledge to provide customers with information about the service.

Creating a Pleasant Shopping Experience

„Before joining Holm, I worked as a logistics coordinator for many years, managing goods transportation on the road. My current job isn't all that different - whereas I used to organize freight shipments, I'm now in passenger transportation, where I'm the passenger organizing my own journey from point A to point B. The travel path is from one partner to another," Getter shares her lighthearted perspective on her daily work. "Even though the field I entered nearly two years ago was quite different from my previous role, I believe that my experience in logistics gave me the courage and openness to communicate and made adapting to new colleagues and partners easy and enjoyable," Getter says. She admits that meeting people for work is actually a pure joy. "Our stores are full of wonderful vendors who work tirelessly to ensure that customers have a great shopping experience every day. I am delighted that, thanks to our Liisi hire purchase service, customers can quickly and conveniently get the desired goods or services. Our service allows people to buy quality products because they don't have to pay a large sum upfront but can pay as they can. We strive to offer good and flexible terms," Getter explains.

Haapsalu: The Starting Point for Great Plans

Both Getter and Holm Bank have their roots in Haapsalu, and she admits that Holm has truly won her heart. "Holm represents a strong and ambitious work family that has taken flight from my small hometown of Haapsalu," Getter feels proud about the company and its people. "I am immensely happy to be surrounded by a team that supports me and cheers for both professional and personal achievements, offering advice and strength. Being part of such a collective is a uniquely proud feeling," Getter shines.

"Holm is one of the fastest-growing banks in Estonia today, and I believe that with each passing year, we grab a bigger slice of the market pie, even if our competitors are very active. Holm recognition is steadily increasing, we provide flexible terms to clients and partners, and we are a trustworthy and customer-friendly bank that makes the right decisions. So, I see no limits," Getter reflects.

"We have been offering Liisi hire purchase services for a long time, even assisting some of our current clients' grandparents. Over the years, we have learned about our customers' wishes and needs. Thanks to this, we know what our clients want, we have developed our technical capabilities accordingly, and today, all that remains is to exceed their expectations," Getter playfully and somewhat mysteriously hints at what the future holds.

Rapid Growth

"We have lived through a year of significant changes. We expanded as a bank and introduced new products to the market. At the same time, we kept our oldest product, hire purchase, at a high standard. We developed a new and fully automatic partner application to replace the one that had been in use for a long time. The preparation year for this transition was intense and filled with multitasking – our department was involved in creating the structure of the new application and dealt with development issues, educating our partners when the program was ready to go live. And all that fell in between these two milestones was by no means negligible. Meanwhile, we kept up our sales! It was a complete rollercoaster where 24 hours in a fortnight felt insufficient, and I wished I could clone myself. Today, we are fully operational in the new program, and all that's left is to celebrate how well our teams have managed this remarkable transition. A big salute to our IT and development teams and all the other teams involved in this process. And thanks to our partners who quickly adopted the new development! Together, we have successfully handled an incredibly impressive transition," Getter rattles off in one breath.

Taking Time to Unwind

"When work thoughts pile up, the pace is high, and long car journeys wear out both body and mind, I like to switch off by going for a run," Getter makes a sharp turn in the conversation. "My greatest passion is orienteering. It's an activity where I focus solely on the terrain and the checkpoints to find, leaving no room for other thoughts," Getter sheds light on her extracurricular hobby. "Often, I pack a picnic bag and embark on a new or familiar coastal hike or bog walk. In autumn, my inner forager awakens, and it's out of the question to head into the forest without a (mushroom) bucket and a knife," Getter confesses. "But if the weather doesn't cooperate, you can find me brainstorming some new ikebana or other interior elements to craft, either on my own or occasionally with colleagues," Getter continues, her energy extending to crafting activities.

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