Published 26.02.2024

Ere Moumets: Directing energy towards solutions, not obstacles

Ere Moumets: Directing energy towards solutions, not obstacles

"The most exciting and interesting aspect of my work is that I get to be a part of creating something new and contribute to it. I've been involved in various projects, many of which I don't necessarily consider my own, yet participating in them has brought me joy," shines Ere, who works as a product manager at Holm Bank.

Ere began working at Holm 5 years ago in the card department at the Haapsalu office. When the IT development department was looking for a service manager, Ere was recommended for this position as a capable internal candidate. Ere gladly accepted the challenge because this job involved delving deeper into developments that make Holm's services increasingly convenient for clients. One thing led to another, and today Ere is a product manager at Holm, well-versed in client needs, business department desires, and IT service development.

The process of implementing an order is akin to constructing a home

"When there's a desire for a new product or to add something new to an existing system, the focus is on figuring out how to make it most convenient for the user and execute it in the best and most efficient way possible. This requires close collaboration between the business unit, which is usually the internal client placing the order for development, and the IT developers. One side provides the vision, the other executes it. My role is 'active listening,' which forms the basis of a plan to bring the vision to life. It's a bit like building a home – first, you envision how your home should look and function, then you put those thoughts on paper, and the builders bring that vision to life," Ere passionately explains about her work.

"I enjoy the variety in my work and the fact that the mind must constantly be engaged, thinking about how to do things and how to do them well. I always have to think several steps ahead, which allows us to move confidently in the right direction and avoid real concerns. Sometimes, there are situations where we need to explain to the person who ordered the development the peculiarities of how the system operates so that they understand why everything can't be done exactly as they wish. But we always find a solution, even if it turns out slightly differently than the person initially thought. I always put my energy into finding a solution," Ere explains the challenges of her work. She says that when the person ordering the work is satisfied with the development and thanks her for the job well done, it warms her heart. "It's hugely motivating for me when I can make something better for the system user and create something productive for the company," Ere concludes.

Getting everything done while working from home

While the previous discussion might paint a picture of Ere bustling between different departments in the office, the reality is that Ere carries out her duties as a product manager from her home office and only sets foot in the actual office a couple of times a year. "I am sincerely grateful for the opportunity to work from home. It allows me to live in this small village in Ida-Viru County while doing work that I enjoy. I don't have to choose between leaving my home to do the work I love or staying at home and settling for a job that might not be quite what I want to do," Ere shares.

"Everything gets done. So far, I haven't encountered any problems that have remained unsolved because I'm not in the office. Sometimes, I just feel such immense gratitude towards a colleague, and words fall short of expressing it, then I want to go and hug them. In those moments, I do feel like it would be nice to be in the office," Ere admits. Ere is pleased that Holm was awarded the Remote Work badge last year, which acknowledges the company as a flexible employer that supports its employees, whether they are based in the office or elsewhere.

Our bank values its employees and customers

"Over these 5 years, I've witnessed how the bank evolves alongside its employees. People invest 110% and more into their work. There's a constant focus on how to provide better solutions and be more flexible for the customer. Personalisation is a key emphasis for both private and business customers in our bank. When the customer has questions, they are dealt with personally and based on their specific situation. "We are a responsible bank and even if we cannot always meet the client's demands, we can think along, offer solutions, or at least explain our decisions in a supportive manner," Ere positively reflects on the developments at Holm.

"The same personalised approach applies to employees. Our HR department has done a great job ensuring every employee feels comfortable at Holm. New values are constantly offered to employees and opportunities improving work-private life balance are actively sought after," Ere explains. "Holm's values largely revolve around people – valuing individuals by providing various opportunities, both for customers and our employees."

Tidying up the rooms as Meditation

When there's a situation where stress starts to be overwhelming or it feels like a million thoughts are racing through my head in a second, I take a break and tidy up the rooms," Ere surprises readers. "It works well for me. Stepping away from the situation, vacuuming the floors or organising a cabinet or drawer makes my mind somehow clearer, and solutions seem to arise naturally when I return to the topic," Ere shares her interesting way of relieving stress, saying that putting things in order is like meditation for her. "Of course, later on, my family might not find things where they used to," Ere admits with a gentle smile.

"I like to do things myself - come up with something and then make it happen, but the functionality of the item must be important to me. I enjoy reading books, but lately, there's been little time to pick up a book, sit down, and read, so I've opted for audiobooks. Tasks get done, and books get 'read'," Ere says. "Listening seems to be my thing overall – I listen to a lot of music, and it can be all over the place - I might listen to something from The Hu repertoire one moment and then look up a Vivaldi piece 10 minutes later, then switch to Miley Cyrus - oh, what a voice! - and a few moments later, listen to Bennett's "Vois sur ton chemin" (Techno Mix). The genre isn't so important, it's the music itself - the melody, it has to speak to me," Ere explains.

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