Published 11.05.2023

Domestic Holm Bank expands its reach in the leasing market

Domestic Holm Bank expands its reach in the leasing market

Holm Bank, based on Estonian capital, has started offering leasing to individuals for financing vehicle purchases and has enhanced its leasing offerings for businesses by adding new options. According to Kaspar Kalvet, the bank's CEO, the situation is favourable for launching new services as the variety of leasing solutions available on the market is insufficient in terms of being tailored to meet the expectations and needs of individuals or businesses.

"Holm's previous experience in serving individuals and businesses has given us an understanding of what kind of service is needed and how we can create new value alongside current leasing providers," Kalvet commented.

He added that efficient processes and a pleasant customer experience are essential for both individual and business customers when it comes to leasing services. "Regarding individual customers, Holm remains true to its principle that the customer's capabilities and needs must be evaluated responsibly, while the application process and contract signing must be as convenient and quick as possible for the customer. Our goal is to enable such efficient processing that the customer can drive home with the car without leaving the seller," said Kalvet.

According to Holm's CEO, the bank has been offering leasing through partners for several years to finance purchases of assets for business customers. "We have expanded the leasing solutions offered to businesses because we see that the conditions of many service providers today are too rigid for many business customers. A growing number of companies require a flexible and personalised approach to financing their vehicle, equipment and machinery purchases, and the Holm team can provide such support directly or in collaboration with sellers," Kalvet said.

He highlighted that Holm's strength lies in its experts' capability to evaluate each company as a whole, looking beyond just individual financial ratios. "We have the ability to analyse the business plan together with the client, assess their business perspectives related to the acquisition of new equipment, and evaluate ways in which the company mitigates risks. Companies get Holm as a partner and a bank advisor to help them think through their investment plan in even more detail and design a financing solution tailored to their needs," said Holm's CEO.

Holm Bank offers various leasing products to individual and business customers, such as operating leases, capital leases, and instalment sales. Both new and used assets can be financed. The minimum amount that can be financed is €10,000, and the maximum leasing period is seven years.

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