Holm is a professional and trustworthy bank, and the same is true for depositing with Holm.

Would you like to save money for a deposit on a new home, for rainy days, or for covering unexpected expenses? The best solution is a fixed-term deposit. There is no point in letting your spare cash collect dust. Make it grow in a fixed-term deposit.




Worthwhile interest rates


Simple and logical

Calculate the return on your deposit


The calculations are estimates. The exact amount depends on the terms of the deposit agreement you select.

Holm offers you the best interest rate on deposits


Term deposit to private client

Deposit amount 500 to 100 000 euros

Deposit period 3 to 60 months

The best possible interest rate

No withdrawals or additional deposits during the deposit period

Want to make your Holm deposit earn money for you? It’s simple.


Fill in an application and sign up online.


Make a transfer.**


If desired, you can transfer money back to your account or open a new account.

**As a bank, we are obliged to physically identify our clients if the total amount of deposits per person exceeds 15,000 euros. You can verify your identity at an Omniva post office of your choice. Before going to an Omniva office, please fill in the customer registration application and enter into a deposit contract at the self-service so we could forward your customer application to Omniva. Once your identity has been verified, deposit the deposit amount to your customer account. Please bring your identity document with you when going to an Omniva office.

For more information about the service, see our
interest rate table, terms of service, frequently asked questions and information leaflet.

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