Subordinated bonds offering

Since acquiring its banking license in April 2019, Holm has experienced significant growth, expanding both its customer base and product portfolio. We have developed the ability to flexibly and quickly launch exactly the services that our clients need. This also support the bank's strong growth in the future. 2023 was a record-breaking year for Holm, when we significantly increased both the loan portfolio and the volume of deposits. There was also an issue of Tier 1 Additional Equity Bonds (AT1).

Our first public offering of subordinated bonds (Tier 2) gives all interested parties the opportunity to participate in the success story of Estonia's own bank. To subscribe for Holm bonds, submit an order through your securities account no later than May 24, 2024.

Subordinated bonds offering
Bond name
EUR 9.5% HOLM BANK BOND 24-2034
Subscription period
10 May 2024 – 24 May 2024
Admission to trading
First North Baltic Bond List
ISIN code
Nominal amount
1 000 EUR
Issue size
2 000 000 EUR
Issue date
30 May 2024
Maturity date
30 May 2034
Interest rate
Interest payments
30 May and 30 November

About Holm Bank

We goal is to help individuals and businesses realise their positive plans by offering contemporary, user-friendly, and high-quality financial services with a forward-looking approach.

Holm, which received a banking license in 2019, comes from Haapsalu and our name is inspired by the islets of Western Estonia - 'holm'. Our history dates back to 1995, when we started offering financing of purchases with Liisi hire purchase. Today, our service package is significantly wider - it includes credit cards, hire purchase, various consumer loans, home loans, business loans, leasing and term deposits.

The large-scale investments in business development in recent years, the launch of innovative new products and keeping the promise of attractive deposit interest rates helped to bring record results in 2023.

About Holm Bank
Key financial indicators

Consolidated financial indicators in million euros

202220232024 (E)
Loan portfolio99,1139,6173,2
Deposit portfolio104,4155,5192,5
Total assets129,5183,5229,2
Interest income12,917,925,4
Net interest income11,114,218,0
Operating income11,615,419,8

Frequently asked questions

With the money raised through the public offering of bonds, Holm will give an additional boost to its rapid growth. Holm's strategy for the coming years focuses on increasing loan volumes on both the Estonian and Latvian markets and significantly increasing profitability. To achieve this, we offer our clients new flexible and convenient financial services, develop the capabilities and work processes that support it.
The annual fixed interest rate of Holm Bank's bonds is 9.5% and disbursements are made twice a year to the account indicated by the investor.
The offering is directed to private and legal persons in Estonia, who can be both non-professional and professional investors.
In order to subscribe for Holm bonds, an investor must submit a subscription order to the custodian of their securities account during the offer period. In the absence of a securities account, it can be opened in all biggest banks in Estonia.
When subscribing for bonds, all investors are in an equal position, but in case of oversubscription, Holm bank has the right to decide how to distribute the bonds among investors.
Yes, Estonian resident private persons must pay income tax on interest payments on bonds, which Holm withholds when making interest payments to the investor's current account. If the investor has purchased bonds for the investment account or pension investment account and wishes to postpone the income tax liability, the corresponding application must be filled in once, no later than 10 days before the deadline for making interest payments. In the case of legal entities, the taxation of income from interest payments is carried out in the usual manner.
Making any financial decision, as well as investing in bonds, requires careful thought. Carefully read the company description created for Holm's investors, which gives an overview of the risks associated with bonds.
When subscribing to Holm bonds, it is worth considering the 10-year term. Early redemption is an exception in which the prerequisites outlined in the bond terms and conditions must be present and which must be authorised by the Financial Supervision Authority.
Holm bonds can be bought and sold in the same way as all other listed bonds.

Investor Relations Contact

If you have any questions related to the bond offering, you can contact Holm Bank's CFO Madli Pindmaa or write to

Madli Pindmaa

Investor Relations Contact

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