Limit loan

Holm limit loan is like an overdraft for small businesses. Within the limit, you can withdraw money repeatedly if the need arises and when income is generated, you can repay the loan immediately if you wish. This loan use saves both financial costs and time. The limit loan provides the company with financial security for the entire year – it is possible to withdraw new loan amounts at the expense of the repaid loan. Our specialist will personally review the applications and, if necessary, will contact you to discuss the perspective of the business plan and support you with the analysis.

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Intended purpose
flexible use of the loan
Loan amount
from €10,000
Length of loan contract
12 months
Payment schedule
up to 12 months
Obligation fee
3% of the unused limit per year
Annual interest rate
from 7,9%
Contract fee
up to 1% of the loan amount, minimum €100
Suitable collateral
real estate, MES or Kredex surety, surety of person(s) related to the company, or a combination of all above
Requirements for the borrower
a private limited company or a public limited company registered and operating in Estonia; liquidation or bankruptcy proceedings have not been initiated against the company

In order to fulfil the due diligence obligation set for us as a bank, we ask you to identify yourself by video in Veriff OÜ if your deposits with interest or the total amount of loans are 15,000 euros or more. A device with an Internet connection and a working camera is required for verification. Have your ID ready and follow the step-by-step instructions on screen. We will send you an email with a personal link to verify your identity.

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