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At Holm, we contribute to the growth of your business by offering leasing solutions. We finance the purchase of vehicles, construction, forestry, agricultural and other equipment, commercial vehicles, industrial and other machinery necessary for business operations. Both finance and operating leasing are available to match your needs.
We allocate a dedicated customer success manager to support you in all operations.

Please contact us at 675 5055 or by email at liising@holmbank.ee

starting from €10,000
Down payment
starting from 10% of the asset's purchase price
Lease term
up to 7-years
Repayment schedule
seasonal payments available according to the company's business needs
Additional collateral
guarantee from the company owner and/or management board member and/or another company if needed
Interest rate
individual interest rate
Contract fee
1% of the asset purchase price, minimum of €150
Age of the asset at the end of the lease term
depends on the asset

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