Purchase new winter tyres using Liisi hire purchase on special campaign conditions

Winter might seem a long way off, but it always arrives unexpectedly. Winter tyres can be used from 15 October-31 March and are mandatory from 1 December-1 March. If wintry weather and driving conditions persist, the tyres can continue to be used until 30 April. We recommend preparing for the season ahead by checking whether your winter tyres are still fit for use – because you want to go into winter with tyres that will keep you safe. So if you need a new set of tyres but don’t want to splash out on them all in one go, why not buy them using Liisi hire purchase?

For purchasing winter tires, Holm bank is offering Liisi hire purchase on special campaign conditions: 0% interest for 3 months, €0 contractual fee and €0 downpayment. This campaign offer is valid until 30 November 2021.

You can even sign your contract digitally!
You can use Liisi ID to sign your hire purchase contract in the online store: simply click on the Liisi ID link, fill in the application form and sign the contract!

Why opt for hire purchase?
Liisi hire purchase allows you to stagger your payments, meaning you avoid having to make a big one-off payment up front. Weigh everything up and review the terms and conditions of the contract before making your decision. If you have any questions or need advice, get in touch with us.


How do I pay for the winter tyres I want using Liisi hire purchase on the special campaign conditions?


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This campaign offer only applies to contracts lasting for max. three months.

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