Liisi hire purchase for summer tires – 0 campaign

Are your summer tires ready for the spring season? Summer tires are allowed from 1 March to 1 December, but mandatory from 1 May to 15 October.From March, winter tires are no longer mandatory, but in case of wintry road and weather conditions, they can be used until the end of April. We recommend that you get ready for the spring season and check whether your existing summer tires are still usable. Face the new season with new and safe tires. If you do not want to spend a lot at once, you can buy summer tires with Liisi hire purchase.

Holm bank offers Liisi hire purchase on campaign terms – interest 0% for up to 3 months, contract fee 0 euros, and down payment 0 euros. You can start paying the instalments after 3 months.

Apply at our self-service or at the office of a suitable campaign partner. When paying in the e-shop, select Liisi ID. You can change the payment schedule on an ongoing basis if you wish.

Consider your decision carefully and read the terms and conditions of the contract. If you have any questions or are in need of consultation, please contact us. The campaign is valid until 30 April 2021.


How to pay for summer tires with Liisi hire purchase on campaign terms?


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The financial service provider is Holm Bank AS. Read the terms and conditions of the contract and consult an expert. The annual percentage rate is 27.77% under the following sample conditions: cost of goods/loan amount €319, period 12 months, fixed interest rate 19% of the loan amount per year, total payments €358.74 and amount to be repaid €358.74.