Liisi hire purchase for buying garden goods and equipment on campaign terms

The grass is already growing!? It is almost mowing season, so you will need to take your trusty helper for a spin soon enough. If you are in need of a new lawnmower but wish to avoid large purchases, then visit our partners! Until 30 June 2021, you can get the Liisi hire purchase on favourable terms – 0% interest for up to three months and a down payment starting from €0.

You can also buy a variety of other garden goods with the Liisi hire purchase – be it a new greenhouse, plants, or hedge clippers! Take a look at our campaign partners and find the one that suits you. Apply at our self-service environment or on site with our campaign partner.

Sign the contract digitally!
With Liisi ID you can sign hire purchase contract digitally in e-shops - select the Liisi ID payment link in the e-shop, fill in the application and sign a contract!

Why prefer the hire purchase? The Liisi hire purchase allows you to schedule the expense and alleviate the large standard bulk payment. With a hire purchase, you do not have to pay the bill in one go, but can spread out the payments over a longer period. You can amend the payment schedule as needed. Consider your decision carefully and read the terms and conditions of the contract. If you have any questions or are in need of consultation, please contact us.



How can I pay for garden goods with the Liisi hire purchase on campaign terms?


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