As of May, Holm Bank is offering deposits with the best interest rates in Estonia, allowing customers to safely deposit money for a period of three months up to five years. The interest rate for a term deposit for private persons is 2.5 per cent per year, which exceeds the offers of all other banks.
The new local bank Holm today unveiled its visual branding and design concept and its initial client offers. It will pay interest of 2.5% a year on private deposits, and will start to issue business loans to companies.
Koduliising is a company established by Arne Veske, an entrepreneur from Haapsalu. ‘We have been in business in Haapsalu for 23 years and have covered the entire Estonia. We have 1,100 partners with more than 2,000 points of sale. We are grateful to them for our previous cooperation and from now on, we will offer even better possibilities. A big thank you to all our 350,000 customers. There will be many new things for you,’ said Veske, the owner of Holm Bank AS.