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Holm home energy loan

Home energy loan from Holm Bank is a special-purpose loan for improving the energy efficiency of your home. We have developed this service to provide financing for people who want to buy solar panels, wind turbines, upgrade air conditioning or heating, or other energy sources that generate energy for their household and save on electricity and gas costs. The device adds value to the home and allows you to be more independent and less affected by energy prices. In the case of a home energy loan, we offer two types of payment schedules - a regular schedule and a seasonal one, which allows you to pay only interest during the period of the highest energy consumption. You can apply for a loan and perform all other operations in our self-service site.
Consider your decision carefully and read the terms of the contract. If you have any questions or would like to consult, please contact us.

In order to fulfil the due diligence obligation set for us as a bank, we ask you to identify yourself by video in the Veriff OÜ environment if the total amount of your loans is 15,000 euros or more. If you are not a citizen of the Republic of Estonia, we might also ask you to identify yourself. A device with an Internet connection and a working camera is required for verification. Have your ID ready and follow the step-by-step instructions on screen. We will send you an email with a personal link to verify your identity.

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The financial services provider is Holm Bank AS. Review the terms and conditions of the contract and consult an expert. The annual percentage rate of charge is 12.08% on the following sample conditions – loan amount: €15,000; contractual fee: €300.00; repayment period: 60 months; fixed interest rate: 5.9% of loan amount per annum; total amount payable: €19,688.12; net repayments: €19,688.12; number of repayments: 60.

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