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More time to pay for the trip

There are many ways to relax. Sometimes, getting your hands dirty in the garden is enough. At other times, a long walk in the nearby woods will allow you to unwind just fine. Occasionally, however, a person wants more. This is where the travel hire purchase comes to your aid. With travel hire purchase, you can pay for your trip later and in instalments. Charge your batteries by visiting rainforests, snowy wonderlands, opera, street food stalls, or whatever else you wish.

Travel hire-purchase can be used to pay for a travel package, hotel, as well as plane tickets.

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For tickets, hotels, and thrills

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All around the world

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If the travel agent of your choice is not a partner of Liisi, send us the invoice and submit a Liisi travel hire purchase application. When the agreement enters into force, we will pay your invoice ourselves.

The travel hire purchase calculator

Järelmaksu kalkulaator

The result is an estimate and the final monthly payment depends on the customer’s credit rating

It is nice to take a vacation

With hire purchase, you can pay back over a longer period

With the travel hire purchase, remote destinations are closer than ever – bring your family and friends, or go alone instead, because the world is open to you! Hire purchase allows you to spread instalments over a longer period, making even expensive trips affordable. Liisi’s travel hire purchase expands the destination options and brings long-awaited trips to you sooner.

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Flexible conditions

Liisi reisi järelmaks sobib iga reisibürooga

Can be used with any travel agency

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No management fee

Why use our travel hire purchase?

You can pay for your vacation with the travel hire purchase if you do not want to let a great travel offer go to waste, but do not have the money at hand. By using the travel hire purchase, you can pay for your trip with affordable monthly instalments. You can pay off your travel hire purchase before or after taking the trip.


Up to €10 000


Interest rate 9.9% - 25%


Signing fee from €0


Contract term 1 - 60 months


Down payment from €0


Instalments from €7

For more information about the service and before signing an agreement, have a look at the
frequently asked questionsprice list and terms and conditions.

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