Limit loan for business clients

Considering the needs of our clients, we have developed the limit loan for companies to finance their economic activities.

The limit loan has similar effect to overdraft allowing companies to direct their cash flows according to the economic cycle of the company. This way, the company can manage interest expenses. The limit loan provides financing certainty for 12 months – new loan amounts can be used on account of the repaid loan.

Väärt intressiga erakliendi hoius
The loan limit is independent of the turnover
Tähtajaline hoius ärikliendile
The limit provides certainty for 12 months
Liisi krediitkaart koju kätte
Manage the company’s cash flows as needed
Riskivaba ärikliendi hoius
Optimise interest expenses
Liisi krediitkaardi limiit kuni 5000 €
Manage the limit flexibly in the self-service

Flexible developments

Loan amount starting fromStarting from 2 500 €
Own contributionNone
Loan periodUp to 12 months
Repayment scheduleA flexible repayment schedule or as a lump sum upon expiry of the contract
Interest rate*14% on an annual basis from the used part of the loan
*3% on an annual basis from the unused part of the loan
Contract feestarting fromStarting from 100 €
Collateral*surety by the owner or member of board of the company
*surety by another enterprise
*real estate as security
Requirements for recipient of loan *A private limited company or public limited company registered and operating in Estonia
*Liquidation or bankruptcy proceedings have not been initiated against the company

**If the loan amount exceeds 15,000 euros for the first time, we will ask a representative of the company to verify themselves by video in the Veriff OÜ environment or to arrange a meeting with a bank representative. A device with an internet connection and a working camera is required for identity verification by video. Have your identity document ready and follow the on-screen, step-by-step instructions. We will send you an e-mail with a personal link for verifying your identity.

For more information about the service and before signing an agreement, have a look at the terms and conditions.

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