Limit loan for business clients

Considering the needs of our clients, we have developed the limit loan for companies to finance their economic activities.

The limit loan allows companies to direct their cash flows according to the economic cycle of the company. If necessary, a loan can be taken to cover the expenses; when income is generated, the loan can be repaid. This way, the company can manage interest expenses. The limit loan provides financing certainty for 12 months – new loan amounts can be used on account of the repaid loan.

Until 22 June, favourable terms apply to business loans on a surety:

loan limit 2,500 – 250,000 euros,
own contribution 0 euros,
contract fee 0 euros,
period 6-12 months.


Flexible developments

Intended purposeFor developing business activities of the company, purchasing equipment and machinery, other small investments, and acquiring goods
Using the loan limitWhen loan taken on account of the limit is repaid, the limit is released in the repaid amount to allow taking a new loan if needed.
Loan amount2,500 to 250,000 euros
Own contributionNone
Period6-12 months
Repayment scheduleA flexible repayment schedule or as a lump sum upon expiry of the agreement
Interest rate* 18% on an annual basis, from the used balance of the loan
* 3% on an annual basis, from the unused balance of the loan
Contract fee0 euros
Collateral* Surety given by a private or legal person
* Real estate as security
Requirements for recipient of loan * A private limited company or public limited company registered and operating in Estonia
* Liquidation or bankruptcy proceedings have not been initiated against the company

For more information about the service and before signing an agreement, have a look at the terms and conditions.

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