Holm’s business loans secured with surety and real estate

The daily life of entrepreneurs includes developments, product and service development, acquisition of assets, investments, and much more. We understand the needs of entrepreneurs and want to help them with financial solutions.
Holm offers flexible and personal business loans. Both a private person and a legal personality can be the guarantor when applying for a business loan. We also cooperate with Kredex and the Rural Development Foundation, both of which offer additional guarantees to entrepreneurs for investments.
With a surety, the company receives the loan within a few days, and there are no additional costs associated with setting up the sureties. The maximum amount of a loan guaranteed with a surety is €20,000.
In the case of larger loan amounts and longer repayment schedules, it is possible to use the business loan as a mortgage loan, setting the loan surety as real estate, which can be an apartment, house, forest, farmland, etc. The real estate surety allows the company to take a longer grace period at the beginning of the loan and a more flexible payment schedule throughout the loan period.
Always consider loan decisions thoroughly and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We are ready to discuss your plans with you to find a solution that works well for you.

Personaalne ärilaen


Paindlikud lahendused - Holmi ärilaen

Flexible solutions

Ärilaen kuni 250 000

Up to 250 000 euros

Business loan calculator

Ärikliendi laenukalkulaator

* The result is an estimate and the final monthly payment will depend on the customer’s credit rating

Develop your business

Intended purposeFor developing business activities of the company, purchasing equipment and machinery, other small investments, and acquiring goods
Loan amount2,500 to 250,000 euros
Own contributionNone
Period3 – 60 months
Grace period Up to six months
Interest rateFrom 12.5% of the outstanding balance of the loan on an annual basis
Contract fee1.0% of the loan amount, 100 euros at minimum
Collateral* Surety given by a private or legal person
* Real estate as security
Requirements for recipient of loan* A private limited company or public limited company registered and operating in Estonia
* Liquidation or bankruptcy proceedings have not been initiated against the company

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Identify yourself**

**The first time around, when the loan amount exceeds 25,000 euros, the customer must visit the office of Omniva or meet the bank’s representative for personal identification.

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